The America’s Cup

Glancing at my TV last night, my attention was drawn to what I can only describe as a “Magical” sight, it was news footage of the prototype of the vessell to be entered by the New York Yacht club in the America’s Cup which I believe is to take place in New Zealand waters sometime in 2022 . It seemed to be a small yaght appearing to run on what I can only describe -water Ski’s, but at what a speed – surely the fastest I have seen a yacht travel.

Seeing this reminded me of a very old booklet called the Five Shamrocks which details the story of no less than Five English entries in this world famous event dating back to to the mid 1850’s period.

Crewed mainly by Brightlingsea seamen, the vessells Shamrock 1 to 5 were built by the famous Sir Thomas Lipton and in spite of all best efforts no Shamrock ever won this great race.

I wonder if there are any old seafarers amongst us who could shed rather more light on this world famous event?

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