Music, Music, Music!

This will be my first blog in a long time as I have not been an active member for a while.,

I did post a short response to an earlier one from Roseinbloom yesterday  (Morning Rose!) Music has been a part of my life ever since my 7th birthday when my parents gave me  Bass Drum. A few years later I was drumming with the local ATC Band- from there it was into the Airforce where I joined the RAF Police Band -where I finally had to learn to read music! I later took up playing Trombone which I continued to play for many years and with many different Bands  both in Britain and later here in New Zealand where I had the good fortune of getting a job that led me into record production which in turn enabled me to travel to many parts of the world to work.

Alas it all came to an end and I retired - absolute boredom set in - where was my music now? My wife Lauree suggested I learn to play an electric organ -I took her advice and invested in the first of my three Chord Organs and spent many hours learning and finally reached the stage where I passed off as a reasonable player - then much more recently I had a minor stroke and the Doctor advised me to spend at least an hour a day playing the keyboard - as it was good exercise for the fingers and indeed the brain - now I have to admit that music almost fills my day (and night) - playing in the morning and then listening in the afternoon to all sorts of music and retiring to bed with a talking for book for an hour or so then on to the local easy play Music Radio station and so to bed - so you will understand that my life each day consists of Music ! Music! Music!

How do you fill the long days of retirement?

It's great to be back and I look forward to your comments.

Kind regards



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  1. starlette

    Hi Drummer welcome back……..I love to go to the 40s 50s big band sounds events….the ones where people dress in the costumes of that era, love the Saxophone……….also the music of the 60s which stands the test of time…… creates many good memories, and sometimes drags up some not so good memories……… in your case its therapy for the body and the mind……….not sure what I will remember of todays music though…….only one artist springs to mind and that is Adele…….

  2. Rockflower

    Thanks for your blog Drummer……..I’m always yakking on about how important creativity is to a happy life, it can be any kind of creative activity, writing, making music, wood lathe, gardening., whatever gives you pleasure. People will agree with Modern me in principle but then say , i’m waiting to become inspired? If you wait you will never become inspired. Just do it, whatever your thing is, just do some of it every day. I’m more of a visual person but I do enjoy music, I have a varied diet of music, all kinds of classical music, folk music from British to Nigerian drummers, I’m also getting a taste for Chinese music lately. Having been brought up British and having time in the military(RAF) I’m also fond of good brass bands. Like Starlette I like pop music of the 70s back to the 1920s early jazz. Modern jazz too clever for me, I’ve tried but just can’t get into it. Current popular music is a turn off on the whole for me, there is an occasional piece but I find most shouty, tuneless and not memorable.
    do keep going with your music, I’m sure it will aid your recovery. There will be days when you may not feel like having a practice but go and play around for a bit anyway, it all generates new neural pathways in the old brain. Best Wishes Drummer!

    1. drummer Post author

      Hello Rockflower Thanks for responding to my blog – and I note your interests in different music – I guess I have been luckier than most to have had the opportunity of recording the music of most of the Pacific Islands music, and a very special time in Sydney(Oh so many years ago) where I recorded artists performing at the Sydney Festival (in the Opera House) I really couldn’t name all, but certainly all the European
      countries were represented as well as Japan and a quite outstanding Russian ensemble- I couldn’t stand the pace now!
      Kind regards Drummer

  3. Scorpio

    I’ve been a bit of a couch potato since my knee has been so troublesome and consequently put on far too many extra pounds. I’m now on a diet to rectify this problem. At the moment I read a lot , both many of my old books and also new ones on my kindle book. I play many word games online against over forty opponents which at least keeps the old grey matter ticking over , if not the body. I still manage to potter around the house and still cook up a storm when the mood takes me. I’m not at all keen on such a restricted lifestyle and once I’ve regained my figure 😁 I’ll be up up and away. Retirement is mainly very quiet at present but holidays on the high seas beckon again once I’m fit.

    1. drummer Post author

      Hi Scorpio – no doubt you and I would make a good pair – with our knees I mean. Hope you progress a bit soon!

  4. waylander

    Walking, preferably with my dog in the wilds of the forestry commission land beyond my house. Music. Always something new there….or something old that brings back memories. Reading. Always something new to learn or old friends to revisit.
    I seem to be more busy in retirement than I ever was while working.

    1. drummer Post author

      Lovely to hear from you Scorpio – like you, I am somewhat restricted – but then I guess aren’t we all – do let us know about your plans to hit the high seas – any idea where?
      Keep aiming at that figure as you mention for we all have that same problem I fear.
      Kind regards Drummer

  5. grandmaj

    Great blog Drummer. I love music, I do not play any instruments but always thought I would like to learn to play the guitar. I have a youtube account I pay a small monthly amount, so I can get any song I want and download it, and it has no advertisements. I then add them to my playlist, I have at least 100 songs so far. The youtube account is also on my phone, so when I am in the car I connect my phone via blue tooth and play my playlist through the stereo, Good for long trips, or even short trips.

  6. drummer Post author

    Hello Grandmaj – yes, I tried the guitar unsuccessfully and moved on to a string bass and played in a dance band for a while but then later was lucky to get into a Brass Band and then had the good fortune to fall in to the Music Industry where I stayed for over 40 years – so I was lucky- very lucky!
    Kind regards Drummer

  7. davidrv

    Hi drummer. I don’t play any musical instrument. 12 years ago I started working night shifts and I thought I’d learn the guitar as I had quite a bit of free time. Well I have no patience and my electric guitar is still under the bed.
    I love to listen to music in my vehicle. I have satellite radio since 2011 and most of the time it’s on 80s on 8 channel. Luckily my wife also likes the music from the 80s.
    Lately the group du jour is the B-52s. I only knew the Love Shack song but am discovering others. My favorite as of today is Mesopotamia; partial to Kate’s eyes though, it might cloud my judgement! Note left hand drummer Sterling Campbell.