Just how secure is Your Computer

I have been running my computer, the one I have used for 10 years or more. and during that time I have had the odd hiccup, but nothing serious enough to need the help of a technician.

I run various programs to help keep the machine running smoothly, the main one being Reimage and haven’t felt the need for anything stronger – after all, Microsoft. Security is supposed to keep nasties at bay -right?

Over the last few days, I had received several instances that caused me to query what was going on, for two email companies I use advised that my account had been suspended due to improper actions emanating from my computer – I took the machine to a local store who agreed to run a check on Viruses – they found three dangerous ones plus 15 suspects to arrive in the future – I expressed my concern in view of the Microsoft protection installed with Windows 10 and was advised that this was far from adequate and that I should install something stronger – they  recommended either Norton or Trend Micro Security. I selected Trend as it was on offer in the store. The whole operation lasted half a day, so when I asked about payment I was told simply To PAY FOR THE ANTIVIRUS – The removal and restoring of my machine was, as they put it: Part of Their Service!! Thank you Harvey Norman!

That really is what I call service!

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  1. waylander

    Having worked in companies dealing with various countries military, security has always been a prime concern.

    I have found from experience that you get what you pay for, so the microsoft provided “protection” basically isn’t any real protection at all. Bluntly, if it’s free it is most likely to be pretty much useless.

    If you’re going online then you need to go and pay for something over and above what comes free with your microsoft programs.

    I have found that many of the commercial anti-virus protections do great deals when you puchase protection for multiple devices, so i got together with my 2 boys and their wives and we bought a 12 machine cover. It worked out to about £7 for each machine for a year’s cover.

  2. drummer Post author

    Hi Waylander
    Everything you say is true and I have been around long enough to know that, but as they say “There is no fool like an old fool” But hopefully my experience will make others aware of just how simple it is to find trouble without looking for it!

  3. roseinbloom

    Drummer, thanks for the very needed blog. I am going to have to do something, I have Chromebooks only and I was told I didn’t need a virus protection. I have been using them about seven years and I am still working but I will need to rethink my computer safety.

  4. jonners

    I use Avast free and malwarebytes free. Run them at times. Key is to have good passwords that can be guessed and don’t open sorry attachments or fall for phishing scams. Google Chrome is a more secure browser too.