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 I’m not dead … I’m feeling better

Well having said that I was leaving, because I wasn’t intending to renew my sub, it seems that I have automatically renewed for another 12 months anyway (I am historically incompetent at keeping tabs on such matters). So since I have paid my dues I may as well drop in from time to time. I […]

 Goodbye and all that

The time is almost up for my annual renewal and I have decided not to sign on for another year – life has got so much busier in many ways and I just don’t visit enough to make it worth the cost. So this is my farewell blog and I’d like to say on leaving […]

 A quick observation

You always take good health and mobility for granted until it is taken away from you. Last week I had the misfortune of tearing ligaments and muscle in my leg (I was trying to dodge a car at the time but that’s another story). Consequently I have been unable to walk without the aid of […]

 SPAM’d into an early grave

I had a birthday last week – a milestone of sorts because I am now at the minimum age required for retirement. This happy prospect is just a pipe dream, there is no chance of my employer releasing me with a full pension, nor can I draw my pension out and blow it on a […]

 An idle morning

I am sitting here today, with workmen clambering all over the outside of the house erecting scaffolding, and a British Gas main servicing the boiler with the usual tut-tutting about how badly it has been installed (not my fault guv – I wasn’t here at the time) and therefore I have time on my hands. […]

 An odd customer

I have a friend who works in a local independent wool shop (there are few of those left in the UK so it is a thriving business) and this is a true story of a customer who walked in during her first week. A man in his fifties enters the shop – there is only […]

 We all become cavemen

I was chatting with my folks earlier today, the usual sort of meandering chit-chat about nothing in particular, when somehow my dad got onto the subject of old radios. He recounted having to go to a local shop to buy (or re-fill, I never quite determined which) something called an accumulator. This was some sort […]

 Through a train window

I seldom travel by train these days, or any sort of public transport for that matter – I’m lucky enough to have a job that provides a company car. But back in the day, when my hair was longer and my years fewer, I used to take the train quite often and sometimes I would […]

 The most perfect sunrise

I’m not a seasoned traveller unlike so many people I read about here on SC. Life just hasn’t afforded me the chance of going overseas (unless you count business trips, which I don’t as they are all hotels, offices and meetings). I envy anyone who has seen so much of the world and I have […]

 The jury returns ….

So I have been on SC for almost two weeks now with just two days left in which to decide on whether I stay. I’ll be honest, right up until the last couple of days I wasn’t going to extend my subscription and I still won’t commit to the lifetime membership … yet. It just […]