I’m not dead … I’m feeling better

Well having said that I was leaving, because I wasn't intending to renew my sub, it seems that I have automatically renewed for another 12 months anyway (I am historically incompetent at keeping tabs on such matters). So since I have paid my dues I may as well drop in from time to time. I will always read the blog section, rarely comment, and probably never write (ok, apart from this one of course, but this is more of an announcement than a statement so it doesn't count). Since I have now committed to another year on SC I might as well get my moneys worth. I can't pretend I will be a regular visitor (life changes and you move on) but I'm sort of pleased that I have accidentally tethered myself to SC for another year. I look forward to reading your insights.

Happy New year!

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  1. Drummer

    Hello Owl – welcome back – you have been missed . Glad to hear you are well and looking forward to hearing from you from time to time – when the spirit moves!
    Incidentally, my sub was automatically renewed as well – won’t happen again as I’ve changed Visa number!
    Best wishes Drummer

  2. davidrv

    Hi darkfarmoul, welcome back.
    It happened to me also. I waited til the lifetime membership was available and took advantage of it. It’s only 2 years’ worth, but time goes by fast and before you know it, you’re ahead.

    1. roseinbloom

      Davidr, what is this about a lifetime membership being only two years? I have a lifetime membership and it has lasted four years now. I am glad you are back.

      1. davidrv

        Rose, I mean that the amount of money that I paid for a lifetime membership was equal to the amount of money for someone that would renew subscription every year, for 2 years.
        I was talking about return on investment, ROI.

  3. roseinbloom

    darkfarmowl. I am glad you are still here. If you want to get the worth of your money, just try to have as much fun as possible. You can share all over the place. P