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 my dad was right

Long time dead I was standing in the bar one night when I saw this girl through the shimmering light And I swear that she was looking straight at me Her hair it was as gold as the sun A girl that you could take home to your mum And she had the bluest eyes […]

 another wee ditty

Utopia Come with me to a faraway place Far beyond the sky where cats and dogs do play together And only Hyena’s ever cry A place where Elephants are not afraid of mice Where chickens all sleep with the fox A place where everyone sleeps safe in their beds so their doors don’t have any […]

 just a wee ditty

The kite Come sit with me for a little while I’ll tell you a story that’ll make you smile And when you’ve heard it you’ll laugh out loud So don’t think about it when your in a crowd My story starts on an autumn’s day The wind was blowing the clouds away I was walking […]

 my blind date

My blind date The once roaring fire was now dying Red embers left, marking its death Whispering smoke, a few sparks flying As the fire gave out its last breath How long I’d watched seemed forever An eon since I’d saw her go I’d dreamt of us being together But still, she walked out my […]

 the trench

The trench The year is 1916 the place is northern France The time has come to leave the trench, it’s time for our advance The orders have been sent, from those people you never see Those people who are miles away, who look down on you and me And I know I should be frightened, […]