here is a poem i wrote that you can read to someone who is having a bad time

I’ll be your net

May your days be filled with laughter
Your nights with beautiful dreams
May your world be a happy ever after
And your smiles be dancing moonbeams

May the angel of life come and visit you
The angel of death stay away
And when you think happiness is overdue
May the angel of love come your way

Don’t you think that you’re alone
Know that I’ll always be there
For don’t you know I’d give up a throne
Just to show you how much I care

May all of your wishes be granted
All of your dreams come true
May all of your charms be enchanted
Your heartaches now be through

May the sun brighten your darkest day
The moon brighten up your night
May summer bring you a sweet bouquet
Rose petals on your bed at night

Don’t you feel life’s let you down
Raise your head up and stand up tall
Be the acrobat not the clown
For I’ll be your net if you fall

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  1. helensophie

    Thank you Buggs, its beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye…made me think of several people in my life I would like to send it to, and I intend to. HS

  2. jackiestone

    Only one with the true soul of a poet could write those words. More to poetry than just rhyming words. You, my friend, speak from the heart as only a poet can. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Love, Jackie xxx

  3. millie

    Very well done. So encouraging and upbeat.. full of hope. Hope can get us very far in life.. It’s been said that hope is the only thing stronger than fear… Thank you buggalugs 😛

  4. lani36

    Buggs never has POEM reached out to me , you have a special gift of not only words but feelings and empathy which reaches understanding, very much appreciated. thank you bugs for A wonderful poem xx.

  5. KayBee

    I enjoyed this, and everyone needs sincere words of care and friendship sometimes. You are a wonderful poet.