What is your Love Story?

What is your Love story. Does romantic love pop in mind, or did a puppy steal your heart away? Maybe, it was a family member, mother, father sister, brother. Or. was it a friend that you had for many years and then realized you actually loved them and they were as special as family? Was the love of your life a hobby or craft that just gives you steady comfort and delight? How did they begin and end or are they on-going?

I think there is a song "Go find somebody or something to love". Maybe, the song only says somebody, but the poetry in our souls say "Go find Somebody or Something to love. There is just a myriad of choices. What could you find to love that would bring steady comfort and joy?

I have had a few friend that were just like a ray of sunshine in my life. I have made gardens and I fell in love with various plants, roses, hydrangeas, violets and hibiscuses. Some I fell for and am still yearning for like a gardenia and jasmie, others I still love even though the passion fades and I flit to another. When I was young, I loved sewing and I made doll clothes then people clothes. I have loved to cook, took classes and studied food and recipes for hours and shared food. Life was a big tasting adventure. I got passionate about a lot of things and in my troubled times, my passions sustained me.

I had a passion for learning and had a very curious mind. I spent years in schools attending and teaching. Was your great interest also your occupation. I just loved children and still do. I guess I just loved classrooms and chalk dust and sharing the riddles and complexities of life. Still do.

Of course there is the trauma and drama of broken promises and broken dreams, or the Happiness of kept promises and dreams. People are essential to our life, but they come and go and they have they have a life other than you, but your other passions will sustain you and won't leave you though you may leave them as you flit to another interest. Remember, in your worst of times, there is someone or something that will comfort you, and nourish your soul, and sustain you.

Getting old is a rough deal, but if you can sustain some passions, you will make it through a lot better. I just remembered some of mine. I still want to learn to dance and bake perfect yeast breads and desserts. I want a pomegranite bush, and I want to write a book and I have some others. So, Go find someone or something to love TO LOVE.

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  1. starlette

    Hello Rose, well my first love is and always will be for my Son, Daughter and Grandson…….the things I enjoy doing are reading Autobiographies and Biographies, writing, love days out in the countryside appreciating nature, Spring I love……..seeing the leaves appearing on the Trees and the Flowers coming into bloom is I think a very special time, no matter what is happening in the world the seasons still come and go…….Spring to me signifies a new beginning

    1. sylvestercat

      Star,i agree springtime brings another note to favourite music and wholesome being and a freeing up of the soul to wonder the immensity of where we are at,to apreciate the wonders of just being alive and with those feelings being able to try and transfer those great positive feelings to loved ones close to us and hope they take up the catch cry and immerse them in our joy.

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Starlette. I can relate to that. We like people and bios are the best way to learn about life and people in places and times we do not share or ones that we do share and can still find a comfort, and joy in the familiar. I wrote this blog and learned as I wrote it what my life has been. I never had time for gossip and meanness, or revenge. I was too busy with better things.

  3. darkfarmowl

    I love many things but most of all I love life, just the sheer privilege of being a conscious and emotional living person. I love being able to breath clean air in the morning, or watching the sun sink on a still summer evening. I love laughter and friends, family, and food, and walking in green spaces.
    I like the sense of being me – the ‘me’ness of it, if you can understand that, and how I interact within other peoples lives and of course how they in turn influence and enrich my own.
    There may be such a thing as re-incarnation but even if that is the case I will only be ‘me’ just the once, with the people I love and the life I have led. I will miss it when my time is done, so I remind myself that despite the bad times, life is for living. It was my first love, and it will be my final love, and it will remain faithful to me until the day I die.

  4. davidrv

    What I love is looking forward to seeing family or friends, and then the alone time afterwards.
    I love looking at possibilities, what I could do if I wanted. That could be daydreaming.
    I like to learn from people, even if they think they have nothing to offer. As I used to tell my apprentice, you don’t know what all that you know.
    And I love this saying that I came across in StumbleUpon just a few days ago; Strive to leave no person you meet worse off for having met you. Do your best to contribute something useful to the life of each person you encounter.

  5. vonMichael

    You know Rose, we have a philosophical meeting here where I go to once a month. Last topic which was discussed was the definition of ** what luck means ?** To find convincing reasons to this question seems to be as hard as to your question ** Love story **.
    I mean the definition of what is love? Getting a bit closer, how does any individual defines love for themself??

    Only one thing I definately know; love is like a diffuse nebula, it comes, stays and fades away.
    Very good question of yours Rose.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Davidr, you must make life so much richer for yourself and others. One very nice lady said, “I always try to be nicer than is expected”. Sticks and stones do break our bones but words and kindness are powerful also.

    2. roseinbloom Post author

      Michael, I always find your comments interesting. We need to get over the modern view of love. I put my lost or faded love in my memory box. I save it and savor it for what it was and not what it was not. I learned to do that. I finally learned that I was not everything that others needed at the time.
      We also need to remember that some passions for a talent or skill can be a love equal or more gratifying for some people than romantic love is.
      There are many kinds of love and if they fade, then another can take its place.

  6. annemarie

    Well I have only been in love once and that was with my high school sweetheart that I married and we were together 33 years till he passed away at 52. My daughter and my son who I love from the first time I held them in my arms . Then in 93 I was blessed with my first grandson who I love with all my heart and then my second grandson who was born in 98 and who I love with all my heart and am so very proud of both of them. I do love my life and I love all my friends that I have made and still have except a few that have passed away and all my friends I have made here in S.C.

  7. sylvestercat

    Hi Rose,you`ve touched a sensitive spot in an ordinary seniors life and all you say is relevant,its such a shame we cant easily transfer that to those that need reassurance and love.Still,keep your wonderful positive aspects alive and one day it`ll beecome contagious to the rest of humanity with all our help.

  8. Abhilaaj

    That was great Rose. We must get absorbed in something which engages us so much that we hate to see our watch. When that happens, you truly are living.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Abilaaj, that is so well said. I hope you would write a blog on that. I will remember that. It does not matter that we are old we need that.