To my best friend Eddy who’s birthday it would have been today.

To my best friend Eddy who's birthday it would have been today.....He was an active member of this site

I often sit and think about you,
and the year that has passed by,
and the happiness and joy,
that was shared by you and I.
I think of all the laughter,
the smiles and all the fun,
and before I even know it,
my tears have once again begun.
For although it brings me comfort,
to walk down memory lane,
it reminds me how without you,
life will never be the same.

Happy birthday Eddy, love you and miss you always xxx

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    1. tizzy

      I agree with Katelin, it’s a lovely post Pol, and it’s so good that Eddy’s memory lives on, thanks to you, hugs from me too!! xx

  1. waylander

    Has it been that long?

    As long as their names are remembered they are never really gone, Pollie.

    Eddy will be remembered by many, myself included.

  2. lani36

    I never met Eddy, Polly, but i have heard so many nice things about him,he must have been a special man , so Here,s to Eddy, we raise our glass to a special man . (((hugs)))xx

  3. Debbie4958

    Same here Polly but he must have been a very special guy. Sending you a big (hug). I agree as long as we talk about them they will never be forgotten x

  4. annemarie

    Polly, What a lovely thing to post and Eddy was a special man and will never be forgotten at least by all the people who knew him. Thanks for sharing this with us and remembering his birthday. <3

  5. PollyPie

    Beautiful post Pollie.
    The most wonderful memory ever is that you got to meet him in person. Those memories will live on in your heart.
    Huge hugs xxx

  6. jojo

    I am sorry to hear that one of our members died, but want to ask if this was the Eddie who wrote wonderful poetry or not?