The good things in life

I recently scoped a new members profile… said….’I enjoy the good things in life’ and that was that…….I was left wondering what they were for this person…’s interesting what we consider are the good things…..maybe lots of money……and all the things that it can buy….maybe holidays….in the sun……it could be anything…..clothes….

Personally I haven’t had these things…..not feeling sorry for myself….I despise self pity…’s just the way my life has gone…but I don’t begrudge others at all…..but it got me thinking…what do other people consider to be the good things in life…for me…so many things…

The love of my family
The love of my friends
Sufficient money to live..
The knowledge that I don’t have to fear being blown up….a country that is not at war….at present……so many have lived all their lives in fear……and poverty…..
The glorious countryside…..the natural world…..
The ability to see…..and read….
Hobbies where I can be creative…………………..

The list could go on…….

These things may seem rather tame…….to some…and that’s ok…but when I look at the list and try to imagine a life without these things…..well……I would consider my self poor….

I once went on a website where if you put your annual income in it showed you where you are ….. financially….in the world……it was very revealing…..I can’t remember exactly where I was on the list…..all I remember is that I was shocked… see how many millions of people there were who had so much less that me……

Sorry I am wittering on again…..

Maybe some of you would like to say what you consider to be ‘the good things in life’……

xxxxxxxx Morvy

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  1. Winning the lottery and spending the money is just fantasy to me, It may make life more comfortable, not having to worry about bills etc but it isn’t neccessary.
    The only things I cherish in life are irreplaceable. My family, friends and animals.
    The only material thing I value highly enough are my photo’s. The old ones of great grandparents and other family. I feel like I should now say “for everything else there’s mastercard”. It sounds like the advert. Perhaps I should cherish my mind before it goes over the edge completely. xxx

  2. Perhaps it is because we are of a similar generation that we share similar values. The world today is a far different world than the one that forged our aspirations as we matured. Did we ever imagine a microwave oven, a mobile phone or four years free credit on a three piece suite? Did we take week-end breaks in Paris, enjoy family meals in a restaurant or even have a Chinese meal delivered?

    Nothing is denied via credit or loans to more modern generations and I feel sure that what they consider “The good things in life” will differ vastly from our own.

  3. First, creature comforts, food, clothing, and shelter, that is sufficient and fairly abundant and pleasing and fellow creatures, humans, to love and be loved, to work and play with, and to learn and grow with. Then to be free to enjoy the natural world and to develop the intellect and to be free of pain and oppression. All else is extra and a super abundance; beautiful objects, music and art and literature and fine food and drink. For all of my adult life, I have had a super abundance and in the last few years, I have lost many of my closest family and friends and naturally learning to treasure the family and friends and working to acquire more each day.
    None of us should discount the value of what we do have.

  4. My ‘Good Things in Life’?……
    Reading- books are my passion-writing for kids and our local paper… words can reduce me to tears.-My sister who is also my best friend, we share the same dotty sense of humour. I love big skies-seas, sunrise and sunset, hills, the moors, trees and animals-especially my dog Alfie.I love living where I do, in the North East and in the country.
    My pupils are some of the good things in my life-when I meet them and see what fine young men and women they’ve become.
    Music is important to me, any thing from Rod Stewart to classical stuff,music evokes so many feelings and moods….. I love walking on grass in bare feet and the smell of baking bread and the garden after rain. A very good thing is a hot smelly bath!

    Despite all the injustice and hurt and suffering which I hate with all my heart, our world is a beautiful and wonderful place-and most people I’ve met I’ve liked.

    And my friends are some of the best things in my life- I care for them so much, and they enrich my life.

  5. The good things in my life are having a happy and healthy family.
    Going for a nice walk when i feel like it,having a roof over my head,having food in my cupboards and living in a place that i love.
    What more could u ask for.

  6. For me, to be able to get out of bed each morning, when so many others can’t.
    To live in a country with (for the most part) some common sense.
    Watching my 3 beautiful grandsons growing up.
    My health, if you haven’t got that, you have nothing!
    Music, being able to sing, which I love!
    I have food on the table and a roof over my head.

  7. I feel that giving back and enjoying the freedoms we have and my family always. It’s nice to have enough money to live and not worry. Being outside makes me happy and enjoying peaceful life and good health.

  8. Enjoying the good things in life , a free country ,sunshine, clean food and water, good health services, my family , my friends who I value greatly, especially my grandchildren and the shine in their innocent eyes, being inteligent enough to use a computer thereby learning about the rest of the world, the joy of every child being able to obtain the same educational standards as each other, so many things bring me the good things in life, money or lot,s of it had never been the top of the list, love , peace and harmony and understanding,are the goals i try to reach to give me the good things in life

  9. Hello,
    You remind me of Isaac Asimov, who spoke as under.
    “It is quite clear that as long as the nations of the world spend most of their energy, money, and emotional strength in quarreling with words and weapons, a true offensive against the common problems that threaten human survival is not very likely. A world government that can channel human efforts in the direction of the great solutions seems desirable, even essential. Naturally, such a world government should be a federal one, with regional and local autonomy safeguarded and with cultural diversity promoted.” –Isaac Asimov, “The Dreams of Science Fiction”
    Hope you are fit and fine soon. Regards.

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