The blanket and the missing corpse.  (A short story by elm – work in progress)

Note: only started typing this up this afternoon, but thought to ‘let you in’ on my silly story. I’ll post more as I go along.  A short story by elm

The blanket and the missing corpse.


Unnatural patch of grey, a still in an otherwise moving field of dry grass, twilight shadows stealing upon its hills and valleys.

Cautiously I lift a frayed corner, holding breath.

“You did not come,” gentle voice addresses me, “I waited and you did not come. I waited all night. I could have left you know.”

Grains of sand give way when I kneel next to gentle grey voice.

“Where would you have gone if you left?” I asked

“Oh, not far – just to the other side of the veld. People walk there too you know. Do you need people too, or is it just us blankets who need them?”

“Yes, I need people too, but not in big doses.” I answer.

Minutes pass, a quiet companionship, silence filled only by the whisper of the breeze through tall grass. Gentle movement from the blanket, softly stroking my bare thighs.

“Aren’t you cold?”

“No.” I reply.

“No one wants me now. I miss my friend. Yes, I miss him.”

“He left me here, thinking he could get away. But now he’s the one who will never get away.” A note of spite rose in the gentle voice.

“Whom are you talking about?” I’m slightly worried now.

“Well, cold people need me, I just had to make sure he remains cold, that’s all.” There’s that note of spite again.

I involuntarily shiver as the blanket commences his caress of my bare thighs.

A pause in the caressing “He used to love me, and her. But then she left.”

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