The Bird Who Borrowed His Plumes

The Bird Who Borrowed His Plumes

The Bird Who Borrowed His Plumes

(An ancient tale rewritten in my own words.)

A jay wandered into a yard where peacocks used to walk. There he discovered a quantity of feathers which the peacocks had shed while molting. He fastened them all to his tail and proudly approached the peacocks. When they discovered what he had done, they were not amused and removed his borrowed feathers. Now there was nothing left for him to do but return to the other jays, who had observed his performance from afar. But to his dismay the jays were equally annoyed with him.

Moral: A jay in peacock feathers is still a jay.

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  1. starlette

    And the moral of this story is………….no matter how you dress it up, you are still what you are…….being a Jay wasn’t good enough for him, so he tried to be something he was not, then the Jays were annoyed because he had thought they were beneath him and he could be better …………….that’s my take on the tale anyway……….never be ashamed of who you are…….xx

  2. roseinbloom

    I am with the crow.but seriously; people are like that. Put on some fancy clothes and people get spiteful. Here in America, we are for pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps.

  3. lani36

    Yay!! the make up, Bloom . not going without that ….. lol good tale Laurie .
    Peacocks soon fall.