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Hi All - I just wanted to 'pop-in' and say that I am still around, but haven't gotten off to a very auspicious start on here.  Enthusiastic to begin with, but then got hit by the dreaded 'lurgy'. I currently have the nastiest cold that I've ever had; coughing and barking like a blooming dog; my asthma is really bad due to the cough/cold and I ache all over. Feeling sorry for myself, but just called in to say HI.

Now off back to my comfy sofa, throw, book and hot lemon.

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  1. goldengirl1224

    It is a terrible flu/virus that is going around these past few months — I had it myself and it took eight weeks to get clear of I completely – and the cough I know is a real hack that drains you completely. I have encountered so many people who have experienced this over the past few months – all say the same it takes a long time to get clear of it.

    Take lots of rest, fluids and be kind to yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. roseinbloom

    October, I am so sorry about your illness. I hope you recover soon and as golden girl said, there is a virus going around, but I also hope that you are in touch with the doctors.

  3. rose1943

    Hi October63, Just relax, keep that ventilator next to you, drink lots and lots of liquids and hot things. Keep warm…..staying under the covers is a wonderful thing and you can even take your laptop or ipad with you!! A virus carries a low grade fever, if it’s higher it’s a bacteria, infection somewhere. Having many viruses through my many years, they always just said to rest and keep warm. Get better now and think happy thoughts!!! rose1943

  4. CSweet51

    After a bout with pneumonia and bronchitis in December I broke down and got my flu shot and the pneumonia shot this past week.
    praying for a speedy and healthy recovery for you! The flu is not a fun thing to have!! Hope you get better soon!