Seniors and Big Problems

What are the big problems of seniors? Health and money and mortality issues are common to us all. I recently was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and I had to face a new level of vulnerability. I may go on for years and years and I may not. So, same is true for all of us, but I cannot call myself healthy any longer. The "affairs" have to be gotten in order and kept in order.

Some people worry about running out of money but some have pensions and hopefully they are safe from loss. Money and running out of money is a big problem. I know that I am extremely lucky to have gone down a path that brought me to a pension at age 60. I am lucky because many women of my generation did not have careers, and I did not plan to either. Bad luck at one time is good luck at another. I worked 30 years and am glad about it now.

Legacy is a concern for some. Have we left anything behind? I have to be satisfied that I lived with character and those that knew me have learned something. We cannot change a lot now, so we can just not concern ourselves with that too much, but we may need to balance our own needs with a generosity to others. I have always been fairly generous to my family and close friends and I will continue that. I am not one for giving after I am gone.

Losing control and becoming dependent is the biggest fear of all for most of us, and there is little we can do about it. I wish there was a happy spin to put on this but I cannot find one. Maybe, you can.

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  1. waylander

    I don’t know about a happy spin, but, as long as you keep an eye on your capabilities and their decrease, you always have a choice. It’s just up to you which one you make.

      1. len1932

        We as old seniors have to watch what is happening in our area so I wrote this. Len

        Where we live it is smokey and hot,

        For us old seniors outside is a not,

        It maybe nice for Smokey the bear,

        But I am happy in my old rocking chair.

  2. Drummer

    Hello Roseinbloom your blog sums up the position of so many of we Chatters. Of course it is more difficult when you have been put on notice(so to speak) to be honest I have been watching what Mr Trump might be doing – maybe there will be something helpful for you in his plans – I do hope so.
    At least know that there are those amongst who are thinking about you! Best wishes Drummer

  3. Nancy12

    Unfortunately for me getting old means not being able to understand how to access Senior chatters even though directions have been given. I prefer email because that’s easy. Getting into chats is difficult to negotiate. If I make any friends I would like email.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      erniebuddy, That is a kind thought and I do appreciate it even if it is meant to be flattery. Being flattered is better than the opposite.

      1. erniebuddy

        Ok,dont my mind thinks up this off wall thoughts ,maybe tempting the lord,ever since that inferior infarction episode I had in 2011, im mean I said a prayer ,n was ready to lay down on the floor ,I thought this is it party over ,every day now its stuck in my head, I go outside on picnic table and ask jesus ,st.john neuman,stberndette,charlene richard little cajin st ,lady that passed from church nelda wagner ,to come and visit me ,to many other good people leaving me , read ezeikel 37 ,know the lord has the power to bring people back ,just one of these spirits come give me a hug,for verification ,I know that whats called faith, I know don’t temp the lord ,might get what I ask for —– but it’ll still be good ,right ,