A Kind Kinda Person. Best Kinda Friend

A Kind Kinda Person. Best Kinda Friend

Someone just described a friend that way and I thought it the best description ever. Why are most people missing the mark on this? They talk of things like status, looks, intelligence and other things, but never usually talk of kindness, consideration, dependability, generosity, which kind people have in large supply and willing to share. From now on kindness will be on the top of my list for new people in my life. Kind first, otherwise I will need a safe distance. People can be kind in any social strata, but they seem to be found in greater numbers in the middle or lower levels of the economic ladder. The kind people usually have wisdom and know what is really important in life. I have found this to be true and now that I have it straight, I have found a kind kinda person for a special friend who also happens to be a man. I will certainly be on the lookout for more friends who are kind. I have found a lot of kind kinda people on Senior Chatters and it gave me back a lot of my faith in people, which was in short supply when I joined about a year ago. Hooray for kind kinda people.

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  1. lani36

    Hi Bloom, my favourite words , some can misunderstand whole hearted kindness, for forwardness, etc: however,my brother just before he passed away reminded me of our pact as young people ,through our wonderful Aunts Teaching s, his last words on the phone to me were, never change for anyone,her Favourite saying was ;…. Always be kind to strangers because thereby could stand an Angel……..
    I do try , not always with success, to be what she taught me to be…….

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Lani, I think we always change when we interact with others . If people expect you to change they are not a kind kinda friend or any kind of friend at all.