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Hey everyone this is my first blog, ever lol, im a single parent i brought my children up on my own, which was amazing, but very lonely no time  to meet new friends or go out ect, as you can imagine i became very lonely, have bad anxiety  an depression,  i love to do crafts often on pintrest for hours looking at all the amazing crafts, I find it hard to go out now even though i have the time , id love to make new friends, an chat  an laugh, if any one would like to add me i look forward to hearing from you, hope to talk soon x

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        1. 9 hours difference crazy world, your so lucky to live in Australia ive always wanted to visit, apart from the spiders of course u can keep them lol, is it summer time yet over there, its starting to get cold here now?

          1. I’ve never been bitten by a spider in 63 years, so I think you would be pretty safe.Nor has any of my family, or anyone I know lol

          2. thats amazing, nothing to worry about , i just really dont like them, there okay in the garden but to close if there in doors, springs a lovely time of year, where in autumn, its been raining for 3 days lol

  1. Hi Autumn, Welcome to the site! I have only been here since July and have met really nice people in the chat rooms. Some newbies feel a little anxious at first but just dive right in and don’t worry because no one will bite. Just join in on what ever is going on and soon you will forget those worries. Hope to see ya there soon. Quietmeow29

  2. Hi Autumn, Welcome to Senior Chatters. You did very well for your first blog. I hope you enjoy the site, there are lots of lovey chatters here who will make you feel very welcome.