Never Too Old

What does one do when ones sister asks you to go and see your Nephew perform at Creamfields (a 4 day music festival for House music where the oldest person there is probably 30) ... You say Yes of course.
So off we went tent in bag , neither of us ever having camped before - we were the oldest swingers in town by at least 25 years.

Well we soon learnt  at Creamfields night does not exist.  At 2am my sister said 'shall we turn the light off ?' and when she did the tent stayed as bright as ever LOL.  The kids sat up chatting and playing music until 7am.  Then at 7am there was a deathly silence, very eerie, no fear, it livened up again at at 7.30am.

We were being stopped by lots of 'kids' asking for our photographs, or for a chat or dance, they kept telling us how cool we were  - even the 3 young lads in the next tent who had been chatting between themselves about going out and 'picking' up girls, chose to spend the afternoon chatting to us .  Then later on said we were just telling them how cool you are 🙂

My Nephew and his friend aka Midnight City were amazing

Would I do it again?

Yes because no matter how old I get I learnt I will never be too  old 🙂

Note to self: Airbeds are a MUST  and it gets cold at about 4am so make sure your feet are tucked in.

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  1. waylander

    You are never too old until YOU think you are. Obviously you don’t, so you aren’t. Simple really.
    And, incidentally, well done. I don’t think I’d relish a night in a tent much these days.

    1. len1932

      I have slept in all kinds of tents from Boy Scout Tents, to Army Tents in Turkey that held 8 people. Also my own camping tents. So a kid back in the 1940’s my parents would go across country by car and we would stop and ask farmers if we could put a tent in their field. lots of bugs in the grass. Then when went bu travel trailer with our 6 kids we would stop in camping areas and have the kids in a couple tents, i for 3 boys and 1 for 3 girls. Lots of fun with tents.

  2. starlette

    Hi Carol, my family are big festival goers……… grandson plays at some of them in bands………..most festivals are very family orientated, young and older, I am told the atmosphere is fantastic………….don’t think much sleeping gets done at them……….now if I had a campervan I would attend some, ……but a tent, not a prayer………..never done tenting, not starting now……..good on you for giving it a go…..

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      Go for it …… we learn from our experiences and we only live to regret the things we did not try.
      hoping to do Glastonbury next 🙂

  3. roseinbloom

    Ohcarol. Sounds like you had a good experience, but I never camped when I was young and unlikely to start now. I seek comfort not the opposite. I did kind of camp out in a home that was purchased before it was occupied full-time and my sister and her husband came over and we all slept on air mattresses but we sat on the floor and laughed and I still remember the fun we had.
    I did sleep outside in my sister’s yard one night of a family reunion with my son and nephew. The stars were nice, but the air conditioner roared all night, but for some reason this night also sticks in my memory.
    Ohcarol, you will probably always remember your camping and the young people.

  4. Rockflower

    Good for you Carol, I have to say I’d find camping difficult, if I got down in a sleeping bag, I’d never get out and I like plumbing now LOL! Do think we should all push out for new experiences and the young are very pleased to see us wrinklies when we make the effort. Music good too I expect.

  5. Ms. K.

    Good for you! I went to festivals when I was younger, and had a great time. If I was in a treehouse and could observe, I’d have a lot of fun!

  6. roseinbloom

    Never too old. When to quit some things and when to continue is the problem of aging. I know a lady past 80 who was trim and strong and healthy and seemed to have quit nothing yet. She was up a ladder, fell, broke her leg and ankle and was in a wheel chairs for several months. She does not go up ladders anymore and she seems to have aged past her years since the accident. We all love to think we can overcome most anything, but old age cannot be overcome’ it just needs to be dealt with carefully. I never was a big risk taker of physical feats so it is easy for me to continue. I know a person who is 65 or more and she just parachuted out of a plane. I think President George H. W. Bush parachuted out of a plane at 90.
    It is gratifying to know what can be done by some people at advanced ages but I am cautiously trying to prevent falls and injuries, unlike these folks that push the limits.