my musings of an older lady to her children

It came along so suddenly like a thief within the night
With stealth it had possessed me with a force I was unable to fight
There was no forewarning that my life would never be the same
Though perhaps this was a blessing as I was happy before it came.
Slowly, oh so slowly, it was taking the real me away
Bit by bit it would attack me every night and every day

It first attacked my bottom, which of course was hard to see
As one does not survey ones bottom as a matter of necessity
My bottom was on a downward path coupled with cellulite and horrid veins
And upon closer inspection resembled maps of moving trains
This then gave the thief more confidence to do its dastardly harm
Knowing that I was oblivious to all its lying charm.

It then attacked my bosoms dragging them both full south
And again quite un unawares it had now assaulted my mouth
So gone was my happy face the look no longer carefree
And my boobs were heading rapidly each towards each knobbly knee
My arms were not omitted in these carefully concealed hits
As fat that was hanging from my arms was now melding with my t**ts
No longer am I supple nor can I run for the buses
Though these are unimportant as there are now so many pluses.
Age has given me wisdom; a rare and wonderful gift
The love of many friends and family gives me such a lift
With years and age many other things have come
For these I am truly blessed and my life is not yet done.

Though if I should die tomorrow I pray the Lord will say
“HGC you sometimes trod the path and wandered far away
but you came back again and resumed upon life’s trip
And now you have arrived here I give you a special gift
Your sins they are forgiven and your life’s work is now done
Now come with me, meet those you love and bring them all your fun
Share all your memories with those you love that had passed over before you came
Remembering the love you shared now all will be the same
There will be no more struggles, no more tears for loves lost far away
You are with them now, enjoy your new life
For eternity each and every day.
He told me that I could watch you
As you travel on your way
Towards the place where we all arrive
At the end of our last day
He will also comfort me if I should see you cry
Whilst he is watching over you and seeing your tears dry
You only have to ask him to lessen burdens here on Earth
He listens, though you can’t see him, and he has done so since your Birth
Please don’t be disheartened if your life seems very tough
For what you will eventually see will compensate enough
What awaits you in his Kingdom will wipe away the pain
You will be joyful, happy and peaceful all bad memories will wane.
He has loved you since you came here for your journey on this plain
Why would he desert you, for him there is no gain?
He has to let you have your will and trip up on the way
Though do not doubt he is watching you every single day
Until that day comes for you to meet him and others
once more
Treat every day as a blessing and not just one of chore

You will not believe what waits for you after your earthly life
No more tears or struggling and days of horrid strife
Your sins will be forgiven if you sincerely do remorse
You are on your way to eternity and on the correct course
I shall be so happy and excited to meet you all
Though I have watched you from beyond
I shall say, “Welcome home my loved one, look, see, I am again a true Blonde. J

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  1. starlette

    Well, has to be said Hippy, I saw the length of the blog and nearly passed on it, so very pleased I didn’t…………it is both funny and poignant………..yes some of these things happen,………….. not sure about the underarms meddling with the t…s as you so delicately put it………………..but the rest of the post is what I choose to believe…………Rose tinted specs maybe…….who knows……………but I’m content with those thoughts…..xx