Meeting members of SC.

I was just wondering, How many people have you actually met off S.C? 

I have been lucky enough to meet four in all, I met Kapla, and his late wife Sue, also Sugsnspice.

We all met up in Skipton, a lovely little market town in Yorkshire.

We used to have a walk around the market, go for coffee's and a little lunch, it was really good to meet these people.

I have also met Powderpuff when she was on a coach tour across Great Britain, when she came over. Hopefully we are going to meet up again next year when she will stay with us.

We never got long together , as we drove to Penrith to meet her, and the coach, and it was late, not giving the people long to get showered and changed before their evening meal.

I was suppose to meet Maisie, at the Priory, but she got the wrong place, and I was waiting at Ulverston for her, and she was visiting one at Carlisle.Never mind we tried.

It would be interesting to see how many people have met upi.


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  1. annemarie

    Tania , You are lucky and I have not meet anyone but have talked to a couple of the members on Skype , I so wanted to meet my friend Malcolm who lived in Shepton Mallet , UK as he owned 2 houses down in North Carolina and had been there once or twice after I meet him on here . He was planning on coming over this year but he passed away in Feb. We would talk on Skype and he called me alot on the phone also.

  2. tania Post author

    Anne Marie, I am sorry to hear that Malcolm Passed. I know That you were very good friends with him.
    It would have been nice if you could have met…Thank you

    1. annemarie

      Tania , Thank you and yes he was a very good friend and still can’t think he is gone but had talked to him right before he died in Feb. on the 11th.

  3. lon1934

    Since I am in the U.S. I don’t think I will be traveling to the UK again at this point in my life & I don’t know any Yanks on board.

    1. tania Post author

      I think there will be U.S members on here lon1934. I used to chat to some, but I still think that there are some here…Thanks

  4. starlette

    Hi Tania…….I have met with other chatters……the less said the better…..but I still do chat every Sunday morning on Skype with Ozzy who used to be a member and did the quotes and thoughts group, I also chat on a daily basis with Marty from Northern Ireland who also was a member……

    1. tania Post author

      Hi Starlette,Good to know that you still have contact with some people that were members here.I remember Mart , but not Ozzy, so many have left either Passed or something….Thank you.

        1. tania Post author

          Anne marie, Jackie and I never started out as friends, she admitted to something that both she and Pollie were doing to me….I never reacted to what they dai, just to say my early Days On SC were not nice, but we became great friends, and she was lovely.