Loneliness is a living death, only you can still hear yourself breathing.

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  1. beatrice

    (((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))) Leafofgold,I understand what it feels to be lonely but I have also learnt that people out there care so much. I do care about you alot my firend.

  2. jackiestone

    Which is worse…loneliness when alone, or loneliness in a crowd? Both are devastating. My love to you across the miles and cyberspace. xxxx

  3. leafofgold

    Laughing alone hurts worst. As long as I have my Gals I am not alone. My past was made up of constant isolation. “Never more.” EAP

  4. lani36

    aw leaf for gold , lonliness is a terrible feeling leaf, (((hugs )))) please come into chat when you feel a little lonely and all the chatters will be there for you and with you to help you through your day xxxxx.

  5. passaggio

    Leaf I saw this article on the web. Here is a snippet that I took from it :

    We feel lonely because it’s often a challenge to find people who ‘click’ or share the same values as us. Part of the reason it’s so difficult is because people often do not say or do what they truly believe in. We have a tendency to self-censor or to “spin” our ideas in an effort to be more well-liked or, at least, not ostracized.

    So, the key to alleviating this loneliness is authenticity. Say and do what you believe so that you will attract people who share similar beliefs. A community of people with shared beliefs and values, and trusts each other is a powerful entity. Think Apple. Think women in the 1900s. Think gay rights activists in New York.

    I hope this helps a bit.
    Hugs to you Leaf XXX

    1. sunsip

      pass u r so right i have never run with the pack so to speak/maybe i havnt got the same “quantity” of friends as some but the friends i have are “quality”friends who accept me for what i am x

  6. brian75

    I was an only child and moved from pillar to post so as soon as I learned to read the library became my friend and still is decades later

    I am always alone but rarely lonely and I am also lone by nature

    I have found that whoever said ” democracy is the dictatorship of the rabble” was quite astute

    and that point has been proven in this chatroom here

  7. msval58

    Leaf, I know only too well about what you have experienced, but when I was at my lowest ebb, the people in here, yourself included, were so supportive and caring….there is light at the end of this tunnel..keep putting one foot in front of the other..with every step it you get closer..

  8. roseinbloom

    All good thoughts. Loneliness has probably visited us all and it is not a good feeling, so we have to deal with it by finding friends and groups to which we can belong. Reach out because people will probably not look for you. Join something; church, organization a chat room (LOL).