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Starting this with a question. Can I, or can I not be friends with all? Do I have to choose? I hope not. Am I a traitor if I visit and chat with members in one room, opposed to another? Have heard that said, and it saddens me. Not just for myself, but for all on this Site. Have I been perfect? No, of course not, and I readily admit it. Years ago, we could all disagree, argue even. But, everyone was forgiving, there was no attacking going on. We knew one another, knew we all had 'moods', if you will. Life went on, and I forgave, as easily as I was forgiven.

I want that back, more than anything. The good times, the laughs, the acceptance of all of us...and our shortcomings. I don't have answers, only questions; questions as to what and why this is happening. Looking for solutions, not more problems. I welcome all who would like to comment and contribute to this. xxx

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  1. PamfromTX

    Since I don’t frequent the chat rooms ~ I have no clue as to why there are three chat rooms. By saying this… I see these additional rooms as a means of keeping everyone apart from each other; isolated and/or divided.

    I’m sad to hear of this as well, Georgia. Why can’t we all get along?!?

    And no, you shouldn’t have to choose with whom you can or cannot chat with. I don’t have the answer for you, Georgia. I’m glad to not be involved in this confusion; life is too precious and short and should be lived to its’ fullest.

    1. georgia Post author

      Pam, thank you! Your positive outlook in everything you say, means more than you know. You always take the time, put in the extra effort, even when it does not involve you. xxx

  2. Faye

    Georgia are you saying that if you go into another room to talk to folk the ones (friends) you leave behind in the previous room are offended. If that is all it takes they certainly arent good friends then. Part of friendship is the freedom to chose. No reason you cant be friends with all and sundry but personally I wouldnt bother if this is the way some so called friends think.

    1. georgia Post author

      Thank you for your thoughts on this Faye, much appreciated. From the responses, it appears that I was not very clear on what I meant. A shame blogs cannot be deleted, or this one sure would be!

  3. lani36

    Gergia I try to spend a little time in each room if some friends are talking in different rooms, but i always say before i leave any room , b.b.s. going over to say hi to some others and l always get a w.b. i,m sorry that you feel this way, perhaps if you say briefly like i do b.b.s etc :; they will be ok with that … xx

    1. georgia Post author

      Lani, thank you! I think that is a very good idea, and I will do that from now on. Your desire to find solutions, rather than be part of a problem, always comes out loud and clear. xxx

  4. starlette

    I popped in the giggle room last night………only two in there…….I said hello you two……are you both ok………took a while before anyone answered me…I made a couple of attempts to start a conversation……….nothing………just said bye and left….and I haven’t fell out with anyone in there……..haven’t a clue what is happening, but I can tell you this, it wasn’t much of a giggle……..xx

    1. Faye

      Star I feel many people go into another room, rather than leaving chat, just to go do something else away from the computer. Maybe this is what you got. I know of others who alternate between chatroom and Facebook which can be an annoyance if you are trying to have a conversation with them and, to me, this is the height of rudeness….possibly also laziness ….when they dont want to log out while they go do something that may and invariably does take quite some time….:-)

    2. georgia Post author

      Sorry that happened to you Star. I’ll be on the lookout for what room you are in, whether it be lobby, giggles, or think tank. Promise I’ll talk, giggle, whatever, with you whenever we happen to be on at the same time. xxx

  5. roseinbloom

    As I see and understand the rooms and origin, folks differed and ROB got involved. I think ROB thinks the rooms are what they say and I think we all should consider using them that way. I think I will or I will choose by the number of people. Sometimes, I don’t want to type a lot and sometimes I need to be light hearted and sometimes I need to talk about an issue. If I am in the lobby and it goes silly or dreary I may leave depending on my mood at the time. If I thought I needed to ignore a person, I would just block. A lot of new people go through a period of adjustment, some adjust, some leave and some get thrown out. This chat site is for people who want a civilized chat and the rules say that and no rules are a prob for me. This is the only chat site that I have stayed on for more than a few minutes.

    1. georgia Post author

      Great point Bloom! I think the names of the rooms are sometimes misleading, and best ignored. Also, it is true that there are times when one may feel like you, want something more serious, sometimes just to laugh. I think that happens in all of the rooms, despite their labels. Thanks much for your input!

  6. sallysue

    So glad we are having dialogue about this issue Georgia, our volume of chatters is growing in leaps and bounds. We have all arrived later in life to computer chatting, and we have different skills as to how far we have come. I hope we all bring to the chat friendship, tolerance, and a helping hand to anyone wishing to join our chat site !.

    1. cath

      you got it sally…tolerance ,I personaly speak to anyone I like,nobody can dictate,who anyone can talk too,thats ridiculous, doesn’t really matter what room your in !!! its a chat site,for chatting lol, nice to get views on this, good blog Georgia xx

      1. georgia Post author

        Cath, thanks so much. You, like Sally, are so right on this issue. Tolerance is key! Had started to regret writing the blog, but thanks for your input, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea, maybe…lol xx

    2. georgia Post author

      So do I sally, and you certainly do that no matter what…you, my friend, are a perfect example of what this site is about! xxx

  7. BuffaloSkinner

    It comes with a “great blessing” from Geo to have wrote this Blog,,, and Fayes comment,,,, I have “EXPERIENCED” this with much SADNESS,,, I was in lobby,,, with 2 other members,,,, I believe there were 4 other members in think tank,,, one member from think tank came over to lobby,,, in plain site,,,, not whisper,,,, told me (( BUFFALOSKINNER IF YOU VALUE FREINDSHIP and WANT TO BE MY FREIND, than I recommend you come to think tank if you do immediately )),,, and one other comment, and just left,,, just like they arrived in lobby with out first saying hi or I am here,, or how are you,,,,,,, NONE OF THAT WAS SAID,,, this is not the reason I joined chat, since that night,,, I look at things different in here,,,,,, not sure what to think really,,, but yes, I am proof it has happened, and that is 1 to many times,, the way I see it….. thx again Geo,,,,

    1. georgia Post author

      Wow! Great of you, Buffalo, to let all know what has happened to you, but very sad and disheartening, as well. Yes, even once is too many times. It should not happen to anyone. But please, try like I remind myself, to remember that there are still so many kind and truly caring people on this Site. Honesty and openness will get us there. Best of thoughts, and many thanks for sharing this. It is you to be thanked, not me. xx

    1. georgia Post author

      With all due respect, Bloom…Telling Buffalo to chill, when he was being open and honest, is of no help to him. Cannot speak for him, not trying to, but if it were me, your comments would be a slap in the face. Let’s not forget that we are all different. Just because one person does not feel what another does, gives no license whatsoever, to impose and trod on the feelings of others. Your intentions may be well-meaning, but there are times we need to listen! Listen carefully, without unsolicited advice as to how we should think or feel.

      1. roseinbloom

        Georgia. I think you are speaking for buffalo and not following your own advice. i do believe we all need to chill and calm down. And that is my opinion which is equal to yours. I have been in the chat room and I have seen some things, and I heard some bad remarks and I have said I don’t know who or when it started. I was treated badly myself and I know I did not start it or deserve it. I came back from a trip and the site chat rooms had been reorganized, but I am trying to follow my OWN advice and chill and stay calm.

        1. BuffaloSkinner

          To whom it may all concern,, with your blessing,,, I must say,,, I very much and truly appreciate said comments about chillin,, that’s just it see,,I’ve been chillin,, and nothing is getting done,, am very relieved to have spoken my experience,, my thoughts and concerns,, since someone had same thoughts has I,, and wrote about it,, bravo for you,, in deed,,,,,,, thinks this blog deserves a 5 * * * * * [email protected],,, (no grudges here ,,,, you can take that to the bank and deposit it),,, thx bloom,, really thx,,, and you also geo,, thx…………

          1. roseinbloom

            Buffs. I am glad that you see both comments as intended.
            If people take the high road as you did buff, we would not have ugly issues.

  8. cefnrider

    i went into the lobby this morning and except for 2 hi.s from members, thr rest of the room ignored me so i and another member went into the think tank to talk It is quite obvious that since certain ppl have arrived there has been a deliberate intention of trying to divide members into groups and also to get ppl to decide who are their friends or not. Ihave been on this site many years and have my disagreements with a lot but i have never seen the site in such a disarray and divided

    1. georgia Post author

      Very well said cef, and I thank you too, for your honesty here. Problems ignored will only multiply. Solutions will be found, when we all come together again. I’ve seen it happen many times with anything controversial, and have to believe this great dialogue will get us there in the end. Thanks again!

    2. roseinbloom

      Cef, I was in today and i left because 2 people were there in name only. I did not take it personal, but they could have said an adios, or something rather tham my wondering if the computer had frozen. Maybe it did LOL.

      1. grandmaj

        Roseinbloom I was in lobby when you were in there and another person and I was talking to you but you weren’t answering so I just guessed you were busy doing something else. Then I see you said ” Have I frozen”? Then you left. But I was talking to you, honest. 🙂

    1. roseinbloom

      Cef. Most of us know that some battles have been waged but when the battle lines were drawn, I and some just got caught in the crossfire and did not even know where the neutral ground was. I was gone when it started and didn’t even know how to access the rooms. I will talk to anyone and everyone and hope for the best.

  9. BobE

    I agree Georgia, I always go to the lobby, I really want it to be a melting pot. Thanks for raising it.

  10. lani36

    I t has been said to me quite a bit lately they are offended by what some are saying to them,my reply, was I speak as I see it , I have not been spoken too with anything but kindness and respect at all times while in the lobby or any other room which i frequent sometimes, I don,t understand where this is coming from, as I don,t experience it at all, love ,caring and kindness is what I experience , do I have my head in the sand , or is it not on my timeline ? I laugh, I care, i love my fellow Chatters, I love all that are on Chatters, it is a joy for me to greet and meet with the NEWBIES I enjoy the the music, I see this site and mostly everyone on as a friend, be it cyber and even some offline who I treasure. I,m certain things will get better if we just care about each other a little more and take the me out of the situation, right or wrong my answer is love one and other…..

    1. georgia Post author

      Well said Lani. You’re a great communicator. I thought I had tried to emphasize not just the problems, but that together, we will find the answers. Ditto on what you said, but as you notice by the comments, it has and still does happen to some.
      My best to you, and thanks again Lani!

  11. macathy

    I think there has been a lot of Ill feeling around the chat room for a long time,if people are to be honest.i have came in heard things like.”It’s not the same now” “I am not welcome in the room ” “All the women are not nice now”” I just don’t talk now if they are hear in the room “will I go on no I won’t but I do think that all the different rooms just adds to the ill feeling some feel.I know I am sticking my neck out now in saying this,but you just need to see how many don’t come in the room now very much at all.thats my say .

  12. brummieliz

    Well, yes we do have choices, and because of the stupidity, aggressiveness, the childish manner of some members, MY choice is not to renew my membership. Its become like kindergarten, you cant talk to him/her because shes not in our gang..and being told by a member of admin, that because a male member has ALWAYS been rude to the ladies, its sort of ok…because i had no proof…Well its not !!!!