We are seniors so not too surprising that limitations have arrived to our lives. Some limitations have always been part of lives.  I've been quite deaf for many years, I can't run like I used to and enjoyed so much. There are other limitations of a more intimate nature and quite naturally it occurs a senior to feel a loss and sometimes a bit of self pity. I've learned to avoid that because there is no benefit.  At present I am on the verge of voluntarily giving up my driving privilege. A few years ago I passed the state eye test and got a renewal of my driving license and last time at the ophthalmologist I was told again that there was no change as corrective lens would not help. So at present I'm legal to drive. BUT I can not see clearly and have double vision and blind spots. I'm sure that if nothing unusual occurs I would be all right. But I know that is not always what we face when driving. It is a downer but it happens to people and no reason it won't happen to me.

I feel good about making my own decision and hope others have as good a feeling about their changes. Live is good.

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  1. geoff2015uk

    I agree ” life is good ” – I wish I had made better decisions and would like to start over with the knowledge I have now – I would probably do some things the same and some different but I enjoy my life as it is and have to accept the limitations of growing older , it’s still better than the alternative .
    I remember seeing a 28 year old billionaire on TV than had just been told he had less than a year to live

  2. starlette

    Hi agua………well I always find it hard to believe the sayings… begins at 40……60 is the new 40…….ok money maybe not as tight as when younger, fashion does not dictate any more…….but I know which side of 50 I would rather be………but no good moaning and complaining about ageing……it aint gonna change a thing….

  3. tania

    Hi aqua….I am enjoying my life now…we all have certain things that develop with age, but there again, we are more aware……money is not the be all and end all of everything…Health , and happiness are good for me….great post