What Chance World Peace (A Chatters Perspective)

As we all look at the state of the world one is left wondering if world Peace can possibly be maintained, for countries all round this world of ours seem hell bent on sending us all to hell in a handcart, what with continual arms races and posturing, not to mention continual threats and bombings races. We cannot turn on the Television  without yet another atrocity somewhere in the Middle East and Europe. Or another Hundred refugees lost at sea. People are dying of starvation in many parts of the word - It would be a brave man or a fool who says the threat of another World War is not always with us.

Why then is it even possible that our own Senior Chatters is struggling over who said what to who, and why...Surely as Seniors we should be able to run our own organization without all the stress and arguing we are faced with at this time.

Surely we should be a little more mature than this? - My computer has an on -off switch and presumably all others do too. If somebody offends you in the Chat Room - Maybe you should just switch off - or better still write a Blog. I am sure you'll feel much better.

Think about it - we have a wonderful organization that sets out to entertain and engage us in our Old Age - let's not ruin it!

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12 thoughts on “What Chance World Peace (A Chatters Perspective)

    1. Thewitch

      It is not countries, it is leaders of countries, and wherever you see them going the money is sure to follow , the fact is the only interest they have is is there money to be made? Watch an internet documentary about Uganda and the twent year war we have never heard about, because the msm, newspapers etc are all in the hands of the people who make money out of this kind of thing, do you wonder why the USA and Europe didnt’t actively intervene in Gambia? No money to be had. Check out Uganda, can’t remember the name but look for genocide, that’s it -a brilliantgenoci

    2. Thewitch

      The thing is it is not the people of the world but the leaders of the world, that is were the change is needed. We all know that only psychopaths want to rule the world, and we elect psychopaths, because nowadays, they are the only ones who can afford to fight, so in America we have the winner of two psychopaths, hopefully, the better of the two evils but we need to wake up and smell the roses, democracy does’t exist we are ruled by the rich one per cent and until we realise this this rediculous four yearly side show will continue. Democrats, rebuplicans, they are all thieves and robbers from the public purse. DO they care about America, no they don’T? I am not saying that trump is the guardian angel but what people should see from this, and which I think DT wanted you to see, is MONEY TALKS, the one percenters who all know each other, move in the same circles, goto the same parties, but the question is, what can we do about it, why do elections cost so mush money that people sell their souls,who can we trust? The answer seems to be, unless trump, nobody, and he is still being watched.

  1. vonMichael

    Good Morning Drummer,

    many, many people have lost the ability to distinguish between a subject and a person and they don’t want others have their own view and meanings on them.
    They are just intolerant and full of egoism which are the main points.

    My friend Star has used a simple but perfect English expression; a rotten apple can ruin the entire basket. And this is the problem of any community round the world.

    Good blog of yours as usually Drummer.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Michael
      Yes, I think you sum up the whole situation exactly – I feel sad that people can be so intolerant- showing complete inability to see the other view.
      Pity they don’t all think like you and me – we would then have a perfect world.!!
      Kindest regards

  2. starlette

    Hi Drummer, if only the world was a great big melting pot and we all gelled together in it, but we don’t, and indeed would we want to, can you imagine how boring that would be all having the same opinions on things, not for me, I like to hear different opinions and takes on life, I’m always interested in others perspective and possible solutions on world problems or everyday hic-cups……….the one thing I do find infuriating is different nations going under the cloak of religion to slaughter and maim………its nothing to do with religion, well not as I know it, now in my opinion the Bible is full of contradictory rubbish……..I maybe wrong but I cannot recall ever being taught in religious education to go forth torture and kill as many men, women and children as possible….all in the name of the Lord….nah that doesn’t wash with me…..and this seems to be the main problem of todays conflicts religion…….or that’s the reason they are giving…..its all down to power and greed as usual…….and yes I agree with you Drummer……I always feel we are just a whisper away from war……….as for us senior chatters agreeing on stuff, its never going to happen, but we can have our own opinions without resorting to nastiness and rudeness……..but that’s in some peoples nature who are attention seekers or have damaged minds for whatever reason…….

    1. idigdirt

      I agree with you starlette. From the beginning of time there has been conflict, war, maiming and pillaging. I don’t get the Bible or religion either. I gave it the old college try. I grew up with a very limited “education” on religion. What I did learn I bought hook, line and sinker. But that was the kind of kid I was. I believed adults. Was ordered to respect, obey and not question. As a highly sensitive person growing up in the 60’s I was fearful of WWIII. Viet Nam was something I heard on the nightly news. I didn’t understand it. Russia scared me. I was certain we were on the brink. Will there ever be world peace? I doubt it. As we have become a global society and have 24/7/365 “news” it is in our faces like never before. Some of us have become desensitized by it. I feel numb by it all at times. I have turned off the news for the most part but it still filters through by social media, chat room, forums, etc. And the most confusing part for me is just like you said, fighting in the name of religion. The brainwashing and being raised to believe that beheading, raping, killing is “normal” is beyond the scope of civilized people. And look at my hometown, Chicago. It sickens me what is happening in the streets. What is the answer? Ha! I know the answer. Will it ever happen? No.

      1. Drummer Post author

        Hello Idigdirt thanks for your thoughtful response. I do fully understand your concerns and feelings – the world in general is indeed in a mess – what I am hoping is that maybe between us we can make people appreciate what a wonderful facility Chatters provides – and stop either causing or taking offence at things said- for often offence is not the intention in the first place – we all need to be free to think our own thoughts. If offence is taken – ignore it and get on with life!
        I shall look forward to further blogs from you.
        Kind regards Drummer

    2. Drummer Post author

      Dear Starlette thanks for your delightful thoughtful response – you have shown and pinpointed exactly what problems we appear to be suffering at Chatters – if only people would appreciate the differences and simply enjoy the opinions of other – what a Wonderful Place (indeed world) it would be.
      Kind regards Drummer

  3. vonMichael

    Well Drummer let us both stand for the next UN-election and redesign the world.

    To me the point that matters is; God has supplied us with brain not knowing in advance how little humans make out of this advantage!!!

    Have a very nice end of the day and live carefully of not getting arrested in that dangerous region you live in. Kind regards, Michael

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