How2(politely)say: Do not get offended if you don’t get a reply from me :-). I mean no offence (i’m simply internet-challenged and on a free membership).

It’s true that i registered on this site 5 years ago, but never used it due to my ‘challenged-IT/internet abilities lol. The other day i received an email from this site informing me that chats were now available for free. Which I thought was an excellent idea given the ‘gloomy times’ we live in…for now anyway. (here’s to hoping though!). All of the above to say that i am pretty new to this site and therefore I am not sure how to use it, I am also a free-member, which is great but of course it’s got limitations, which i also need to understand. I understand I can use the chatrooms, but I cannot receive/read or send messages. SO PLEASE, IF YOU DON’T GET A REPLY FROM ME, IT’S NOT BECAUSE I CANNOT BE BOTHERED :-). I look forward to chatting with you or exchanging views on blogs (I think I can interact there, not sure though lol). Take care of yourselves

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  1. We all have different learning styles. I can sympathise if you find user guides unhelpful. I personally prefer picture guides and videos. But I think that an explanation has to fit with how yoour brain works. All the jargon around computing can be unhelpful if you are unfamiliar with it. Like me, you are a generation that didn’t grow up with the internet. I very much see that as an advantage. A generation of young people have grown up with social media and found it intrusive and demanding. I grew up in a more innocent time when we spent our non-school time in the fresh air making friends in the real world. I think it helped with getting our priorities right.

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