Fellow chatters. 

Is anybody else having problems navigating this site?

Because every time I attempt to reply to a message the screen disappears. I also can’t find any of the chat rooms and any time I have logged on the most amount of people that have actually been chatting is 11? 

Surely that cannot be right if this is a world wide  site? 

If anyone can advise please get in touch and I will endeavour to get back to you depending upon this app working properly. 

Thank you for reading this,

Kind regards Trish

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  1. Hi Trish next time you are online the same time as me I can help you. To get to chat rooms click on the orange CHAT ROOM icon on home page, or even if you look to the left of this page you will see on the list on Chat Rooms, you can enter from there also, then click on whatever room you wish to go to. But for more help really need to chat one on one in private chat to be able to see how I can help. 5mintbreak is also admin so if you on same time as Mint, then she will gladly help you also.

  2. Hello Trish,

    I think you are seeing correctly the number of people on the site. I have never seen the number go above 15. Of course people are in different time zones so will be on at different times of the day. There are not many active members and you have to pay to join the chat rooms so that puts many (including me) off joining chat. All the best. Catlady

  3. Another very good idea for all new members to learn about the site, the chat rooms, groups, blogs, games is to access help on the left hand side of homepage. Click on help then Click on videos which Rob sit owner has prepared. If you watch these I am sure you will find them helpful.

  4. You dont have to pay to access all parts of the site, but you cant access chat rooms or private messaging or private chat. So you can still post on activity, members walls, shout, message board.

  5. Thank you ALL for explaining this to me. I have never been given an option to pay to join the chat rooms?
    Even to reply here messages kept popping up that I was sent the day I joined and they flashed across my screen several times.
    I haven’t paid anything because I was never given the option to? Guessing that until such times as I am able to do that I cannot access all areas?
    Thank you so very much for taking time out to respond, it really is very much appreciated!
    Cheers Trish xxx

  6. GrandmaJ,
    Even though I clicked on those links neither of them worked so I am going to have to find out how to pay to be allowed into them?
    Right now there seem to be quite a few glitches as the screen does nothing but flash in front of my eyes each person that has messaged me privately previously. Once it has stopped doing that only then can I respond here?
    So I need a link to pay for my membership, I guess?

  7. Trish, you are still on full trial membership for another week yet, so you should be able to access everything on the site. I do not know why you cant. Rob the founder of the site normally sends out emails when it gets closer to your 14 day trial ending. Maybe the best bet is to email Rob by going to “contact us” tab which is on the left of the screen hover over “help” and you will see “contact us” that email will go to Rob only. Ask for his help on your problems. But paying for membership doesnt have to be for another week. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Well I managed to pay for life membership to see what difference it makes?
    Thanks again for all your advice.
    Hopefully more people will join up to make it worthwhile as there doesn’t seem to be very many online regardless of the time?
    Fingers crossed.
    Thanks again for the help. Xxx

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