Electric Kettles..can I ask…

I was having a chat with some friends and was explaining when I lived in the USA, I couldn't find anywhere that sold an Electric Kettle....
My in laws had no idea what I was talking about, mind it was in the late 70's to mid 90's...it may be different now, and I was just curious if they are used more than they were when I lived there?

Just curious that's all!!


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  1. zoomer-dee63

    So true…..my son asks the same of some of the things i use around here, they are old-fashioned…..”what are they, they are from the Titanic age ” hahaha….and, we used to have one of those very old black rotary phones, should have kept it. he had no idea what that was!

  2. Trev

    How do you make tea then? No kettle, no hot water……er……I suppose beer takes the place of coffee and tea nowdays?

  3. debz Post author

    That was the thing Trev, being English, and when I first moved there no one knew what I was talking about, an Electric Kettle? I was told, I said yes you put water in it plug it into the wall and oil the water, iI said it looks like a jug with a kid on….in the end I just ended up boiling the water in a pan….with ‘Lipton’ tea bags, and I hate beer…..much prefer a cuppa in the am ☺☺☺

  4. debz Post author

    ok ok I was touch typing and was over the keys by 1…should read *lid*…not kid sheesh the log cabin fever with the snow is getting to me..sigh

  5. faye

    I actually still have one. Looks like the old fashioned kettle we used to put on the coal range to heat but is electric…called a Forgettle…supposedly because it turns itself off when boied. Im guessing this is the sort of thing you meant. Can still get them but styles and shapes are forever changing

    1. debz Post author

      Yes they do turn off when boiled I would guarentee almost everyone in the UK has a kettle mine is a Magimix from John Lewis, pretty stylish if I must say!!

  6. skippy

    I have the modern version, fire engine red lol, so is the toaster, made by Delonghi, both turn themselves off when done, can be bought most places here including supermarkets, kept the old one because i like the shape, sits on the stove top and is used for watering in door plants now lol.

  7. debz Post author

    Ohh I had a Delonghi….in fact I think I’ve had most makes!!!….guess I drink a lot of tea and coffee!! 🙂