Dear Mr B

OK anyone having read my Dear Mr Taxman Blogs from January will know I laid all my cards on the table .

I also put the posts on my Facebook page.

Imagine my surprise when JB (my friends baby brother who I have known since he was new born) one of my Facebook friends WAS the Mr Taxman I'd been sending open letters to... well its a good thing no so little JB has a sense of humour!

Its a good thing I actually submitted my tax return on time!

Imagine my surprise when I discover that little JB (ds who I have known since he was a baby)  was the Dear Mr Taxman I had been writing to!

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  1. Drummer

    Welcome back Carol – we’ve missed you the last few days! I have a story to tell similar to your own and as with yours it is true.
    As a much younger man I used to organize social events come dances – this was about the time when Television in the UK was having problems of all sorts with poor reception/ghosting etc.
    I was invited to organize a social evening for a local cricket club, all had gone well and the treasurer came to pay his bill when I said hang on – i’ll get my receipt book. Twas a good move, for he (the treasurer) turned to be the local Tax Inspector!

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      Awww thanks Drummer 🙂

      oooohhhh those tax people get everywhere wouldn’t surprise me if the had government issue invisibility cloaks!