Climate Change, Anyone?

This picture requires no explanation.  Climates change naturally and unnaturally throughout recorded and unrecorded history.

Many climate warriors ignore the elephant(s) in the room.  Unchecked pollution is a health hazard.  Unchecked political double standards – hazardous?  In my opinion we humans must not just talk, we must walk our talk, and be seen to be walking the talk.  I’ve been shot at for exposing fraud and corruption (after the murder of a very dear colleague) at University of Fort Hare, South Africa – while working in the Campus IT department.  I was physically attacked by a CEO of a BEEE company for refusing to commit VAT and Pay as You Earn tax fraud while working there as an accountant.  I was removed by a company as IT systems database administrator for refusing to load fraudulent data input.  The stress induced by the action of the CEO and the crooked client of that company proved too much for me. I suffer from Myasthenia Gravis, a very rare disease.  That same day I ended up in hospital where these two sods kept calling despite me being on a ventilator!

I am still alive.  I still check all media, both MSM and alternative and I check numerous medical websites, orthodox and alternative.  I need to know how things work (as stated in my profile) and when I see double standards I call them out.  If one must fear, then fear FEAR itself. 

As Eckhardt Tolle says, “You are the sky.  The clouds are what happens, what comes and goes.”

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