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 Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

i borrowed this from a chronic pain group..i hope it helps others without chronic pain to better understand someone who does..(like me)..comments in parentheses and my initials kkl are my comments not the author of this blog.. 1. My pain – My pain is not your pain. It is not caused by inflammation. Taking your […]

 Healthy Steps Post 15

Just here to say that I’ve not quit walking. 9 Million steps in a yr and a half. Addicted to the steps now. Doctor said due to injuries, I must remove my ankle-weights for a few weeks. I didn’t like that much… but the sooner I get back to 100%, the sooner I get me […]

 Healthy Steps Post 14

…Sure and I did the Challenge… but there is the day to day. That is often more… Yes, I still walk an average of 20,000 Steps every day. In order to change the way you are, it is oft necessary to push your envelope. Do what is uncomfortable… make that habit. I’ll see you there!

 Healthy Steps Post 13

Sure, and I have Challenges to help me make my Steps… but once you start Steppin’ Out, hard to quit. I enjoy a bit of extra work and wear 2.5 lbs per ankle in weights. The ones I like velcro around the ankle rather than strap. I have found these to be easier to adjust […]

 Healthy Steps – Post 10

Well, it’s Day 34. I’ve walked 889,610 Steps, or about 400 + miles. Most days with 5 lbs of ankle-weights. All my Steps are downloaded to Virgin Health Miles from a Pedometer provided by Them. My Steps, along with any other exercise (like the ankle-weights) are downloaded, recorded, and charted. I have now entered the […]