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I was taken possession of by the Terrorist MkII on Christmas Eve 2015. He arrived as a frightened, shivering hairy ball of neuroses, but since then I’ve managed to learn a few things about him. He hates having his head wet, while he couldn’t care less about his body getting wet. He loves cheese and […]

 Thoughts on Great Britain

A recent blog from vonMichael gave me cause to consider his thoughts on whether or not Britain would retain the traditional name of Great Britain – My mind went back to the World War Two years when with constant threats of enemy attack by Land Sea and Air, the country held firm withstanding heavy bombardment […]

 where have all the children gone

Many years ago there were children playing in the avenue where i live. And of course at Christmas time some would ride up and down the Avenue on their new bikes. As the years went by less and less Children could be seen on the street. Why is this well it would seem that the […]

 this virtual world

Isn’t it curious how we form opinions about people we meet in this virtual world… we are so very much disappointed when they say and/or do something which we find so contrary to our beliefs. They always reveal themselves – eventually – and the true nature they possess. And we are surprised, but maybe it […]

 alone at this time of year!

the way i feel alone and lonely in caring I wonder if its being a carer the reason that i am still living, because I know without being so needed and feeling this loneliness i would have long ago given in and gone the coldness of being lone, is this felt by others whom are […]

 All i want for Christmas……..

Hi everyone, what would you love to find beneath your Christmas tree on Christmas day……… maybe something you always wanted as a child but never received, something frilly and fanciful, a ticket for a show you have always wanted to see, a chance to see one of your favourite singers in concert, an all inclusive […]


I read recently that our TV sets can pick up and transmit anything we say…Which begs the question…What could we possibly say or do,that could concievably be of interest to any outside party ? Lets snoop on what I might say,once ensconced in front of the box in the evening……. ” (click) Ho Hum..What rubbish […]

 SC Question Time

“Question Time. Click above to answer today’s question.” Well it’s been 9 days and it’s still the same question. I thought that every day there would be a new question. A few weeks ago I was listening to a talk show on satellite radio, about the art of questioning; A More Beautiful Question by Warren […]