Drongo and Galah……..

Well last evening I ventured into the community room, not been in for a while and must say I had forgotten how enjoyable it can be, very pleasant company and some laughs………..lactating and mastitis just some of the weird and wonderful subjects that were covered……..not forgetting breast pumps and nipple shields…..Oh the joys!!!…….. I guess […]

Still here

Hi All – I just wanted to ‘pop-in’ and say that I am still around, but haven’t gotten off to a very auspicious start on here.  Enthusiastic to begin with, but then got hit by the dreaded ‘lurgy’. I currently have the nastiest cold that I’ve ever had; coughing and barking like a blooming dog; […]

Inquest into Chat Rooms

Over the last few months it’s been barren fields in the chat room. Where there used to be a vibrant, argumentative, stimulating area there is now a sterile area devoid of life. Why? I have no idea…….well I do, but I suspect a banning might be on the cards if i mention anything. Come back […]

Thank you

There are many jobs in life that go unnoticed and unappreciated. On this site it is the job of being a monitor who rarely gets a thank you for volunteering their time without pay and to the neglect often of their families and jobs,  to assist in making Senior Chatters a safe place. So I […]

at least do no harm.

Dalai lama once made a statement, ”if you cant help others, at least don’t hurt them”. I did something a couple of days ago–writing a blog–which opened up a huge can of worms, and hurt the exact person I was trying to assist. it was a blog that was a selfish exercise of my own […]