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 Thank you

There are many jobs in life that go unnoticed and unappreciated. On this site it is the job of being a monitor who rarely gets a thank you for volunteering their time without pay and to the neglect often of their families and jobs,  to assist in making Senior Chatters a safe place. So I […]

 I’m not dead … I’m feeling better

Well having said that I was leaving, because I wasn’t intending to renew my sub, it seems that I have automatically renewed for another 12 months anyway (I am historically incompetent at keeping tabs on such matters). So since I have paid my dues I may as well drop in from time to time. I […]

 Ghosts In The Machine

Every time I come on this site the little orange tab at the bottom right of the screen indicates “Chat” and a number. I assume this is intended to be the number of people signed into the site at any given time. Assuming this is so, and please could “the management” enlighten me if I’m […]

 at least do no harm.

Dalai lama once made a statement, ”if you cant help others, at least don’t hurt them”. I did something a couple of days ago–writing a blog–which opened up a huge can of worms, and hurt the exact person I was trying to assist. it was a blog that was a selfish exercise of my own […]

 a continued demonstration of overthinking….

this has been an interesting week–and one that im not finished processing–with relation to news and events here in the senior chat world. ive heard the same short phrases from many over the past few days. and I’ve heard another person say, “this is how it always happens every time.” specifically im processing one of […]

 Attempting my first Blog…..Blog, a funny word…

So, after posting this shots of introduction, maybe tell a brief life story… Born in Croatia, raised in Italy and Argentina, matriculated back in Croatia,,worked a little there , before attending classes of English in Cambridge/England, married in England and migrated to Australia with our two daughters in 1976. Now retired widow , enjoying whatever […]

 A Blog a Day Keeps the Blues Away

I have a confession – I am hooked on Blogs – nothing gives me more pleasure than opening up Chatters and seeing that I have received a Blog – or maybe somebody has written a blog that is of interest  to we Bloggers. Have you ever thought just how much pleasure is derived from receiving […]

 The Time is Right

To members on here I would like it to be known that I have given up as Administrator effective immediately. I will now be a Memeber just like many of you are. Thank you for your support over the many years I have done this and to Rob for accepting it was time for me […]

 Can Somebody Please help?

I often write Blogs on the thoughts passing my aged brain – usually they are rather light and somewhat insignificant – rather I tend to satisfy myself by reading the now numerous items appearing – and what a joy it is to see that we have so many members indulging this wonderful pastime which gives so […]