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 Good Read

I have just finished reading “Elizabeth is Missing” by Emma Healey.  I can only be described as old, now, and I fear dementia more than anything.  The book is all about dementia and it is a remarkable, very, very clever grafting together of a past life and a life that is never clear.  (As an […]

 Flesh Flashing

This is kind of a fun blog but I’m interested to know what others think.  Fashion is everything in some people’s world and especially so for the manufacturers of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and anything to do with the presentation of self. We the people must be convinced that to be happy, to be amongst the […]

 Major Events in The World.

Over the centuries many things have happened Some good most bad. If you could turn back the clock of centuries what event would you have liked to have been present at? For me, it would have been on Apollo 11 July 1969.  The year the species known as Homosapien set foot on the Moon for the very […]

 Embarrassing Moments Anyone?

We all have them, uncomfortable when they happen but usually we can laugh after the event. I’ve chosen a few from a lifetime of the odd mishaps and most I don’t remember in any detail now but I remember these.  One happened when I was a very young nurse, I was with the professor of […]

 Taxes, A Happy Thought

The more taxes you pay the more money you made that is the happy thought, but it can feel like being sucked down a drain. While working on my taxes, I didn’t see the MORE MONEY. I just saw the TAXES being paid and I worked all day trying  to plug a leak and not […]

 Defence of self.

I and my neighbour are  amicably on opposite sides of a discussion which is in response to a news item in UK. Anyone who reads British newspapers will have read this yesterday they could not avoid the report. So those who read the British papers bare with me as I tell the story for those […]

 History, Legends, and Myths of Food

I was watching a Scottish made series and got interested in Clootie Pudding and if that was the same as Haggis which I had read a story of the original which was supposed to be fact, but maybe myth, legend, or pure fiction. If any part of what I say is offensive to people who […]

 Your Best Day

I had a very good day yesterday. I didn’t win a large sum of money, I did not receive a great honor, and I didn’t discover a new love, but I had a good day or a day about as good as it gets. I recovered from an infection and I went to the gym. […]