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 Near Miss Has Anyone Had One?

Some time ago I had a near miss: I had to move a really heavy steel container 6foot tall and 3foot wide as I tried to move it It slipped and toppled over on top of me slowly pushing onto the floor.  I found myself trapped under it, my legs had got crossed somehow during this […]

 The Mystery Musket Ball

I served my engineering apprenticeship between 1959 & 1966, at a historic mill located in Bosley, a small village in rural Cheshire, England. I owe so much to the mill owners of the day, as they sponsored my further education until I was 22 years of age and this gave me a sound foundation for a […]


I’ve posted several blogs in defense of the current generation and, yes, this is another one, so if you doubt the youngesters perhaps you should read no further. To set the scene, our local shops are in one solid row, about 18 of them. In front is a parking area which has an entryway and […]


I’ve read a few times over the last few months that someone (probably some scientist selling a book) that the person is already born which will live 1,000 years. Do you believe that? I don’t.

 Mathematics: Bane or Blessing

First. Thank you all who have expressed an interest in my blog. Before reading you, I felt quite alone with my fad but now I feel comforted. Thank you again. I thought a project with a domestic slant that I am working on might be of interest: It will enable me to predict the cost […]

 Where will it go…….

Hi everyone, this is just for fun, I am going to start a story, please join in and follow on, one line only at a time……..but can keep adding to the story as many times as you wish……….lets see what adventures we can have on the way…….. This evening I took my dog for a […]

 What did we accomplish in 2017

Did I make the world a better place in 2017? I did little to feed the hungry, care for the sick or comfort the distressed. I do support those programs through the government and am happy to pay my taxes for those programs and I do vote for leaders who promise to support programs that […]

 “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”

I have noticed how over the past couple of years that Christmas sweaters have changed from how I remember them from years past. We were recently shopping in women’s apparel, and this lady steps out from behind a sweater rack was holding up a sweater neatly placed on a hanger in each hand. Her question […]