Back in the days of tanners and bobs,

When Mothers had patience and Fathers had jobs.

When football team families wore hand me down shoes,

And T.V gave only two channels to choose.

Back in the days of three penny bits,

when schools employed nurses to search for your nits.

When snowballs were harmless; ice slides were permitted

and all of your jumpers were warm and hand knitted.

Back in the days of hot ginger beers,

when children remained so for more than six years.

When children respected what older folks said,

and pot was a thing you kept under your bed.

Back in the days of Listen with Mother,

when neighbours were friendly and talked to each other.

When cars were so rare you could play in the street.

When Doctors made house calls and Police walked the beat.

Back in the days of Milligan's Goons,

when butter was butter and songs all had tunes.

It was dumplings for dinner and trifle for tea,

and your annual break was a day by the sea.

Back in the days of Dixon's Dock Green,

Crackerjack pens and Lyons ice cream.

When children could freely wear National Health glasses,

and teachers all stood at the FRONT of their classes.

Back in the days of rocking and reeling,

when mobiles were things that you hung from the ceiling. When woodwork and pottery got taught in schools,

and everyone dreamed of a win on the pools.

Back in the days when I was a lad,

I can't help but smile for the fun that I had.

Hopscotch and roller skates; snowballs to lob.

Back in the days of tanners and bobs.


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    1. willieben

      What makes me really wonder is …. We all used to think how hard and tough the world is at the time we’re living it … now 30 or so years later we’re all missing it and fondly remembering thos same times … now the good old days ….makes me wonder about our parents and what they went through … would we be able to think back on their time as the “good old days” or would they be even more barbaric than what our kids think about ours? Just a thought …. WIN_20190408_05_30_15_Pro

      1. tania Post author

        Well I enjoyed my childhood, willieben, my parents never spoke much about theirs, as my Mother lost her Mother when she was only eight years old, so she was sent to her elder sisters, until she left school.I know she walked 5 miles to school and back every day, but maybe that is why we were always walking .Thank you for your input.

  1. fitlyspoken2u

    Love your truthful poem … thank you for sharing!!! We as seniors have seen many changes come our way in so many different areas of life & I’m sure there are a few more on the way.

  2. mokh

    Lovely irrecoverable years… the happy bygone times with all their small lovely things. Big thank you for reviving those lively times for us via this lovely piece!

  3. abwyze

    I actually wrote this poem Tanners and Bobs…I posted it onto my A B Wyze facebook page and it is now EVERYWHERE without MY name attached………..check out some of the poems you may find on there and I am sure you will believe me…I am very flattered by the interest it has attracted but I really WOULD like the credit….Of course there actually are 5 more verses which I did not post…I have published this poem in one of my anthologies…THanks to everyone who commented so kindly

  4. abwyze

    I always add my name Tania…..Some unscrupulous folk clearly take it OFF….not hard to do….I was not apportioning any blame…just like to get credit for my work….Thanks for getting back….I am only glad that I did not post the WHOLE poem as there are at least five more verses……Thanks again…..

    1. tania Post author

      Thank you,abwyze, I do not know how your name was never on the poem….I think that you should get the credit….