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My god there are groups going “private” just because of some scare-mongering about access via Google. Come on folks, if Google can access our blogs and posts do you really think making the groups private is going make one jot of a difference? Do what I do. Make sure you NEVER post anything on here, […]

 Holiday Season

I put this, or something very similar in on the old site, but I think it warrants repeating. With the holiday season coming up, there will be many people whose only company over the “festive” season will be those they find in the rooms on this site. They have no family, no friends, or at […]

 Changing Times?

In a time of apparent change and trouble I consider what has gone before. Was it better or worse….or just different? Have things changed that much or is it only our perception of how things were and are now which colours our view? Watch the kids today, the vast majority I mean, as they walk […]

 The Bicycle, the hill and the rain

This is a true story. It happened one wet July Morning in the mid 1950’s in a not very nice area of Glasgow called Maryhill. Maryhill, as the name suggests, is built on the side of a hill. The roads leading down through the housing areas to the main road, which passed round the hill, […]

 The Mad Tram Driver

Trams. Our American members will know them as Cable cars I think. All the rails and overhead wires were torn down in Glasgow, where I was brought up, when I was about 6 years old I think, but I remember them with affection, despite the terrible noise they made late at night (do I mean […]


Does anybody in the UK watch the programme “Wildlife S.O.S.”? About the animal rescue/hospital known as Wildlife Aid run by Simon Cowell ? (no not THAT Simon Cowell, this one does some good) This outfit carries out rescues, hospitalisation, treatment and re-releasing of wild animals injured under almost any circumstance. It is based in Randalls […]


Did you know that you can send yourself a private message? Just go to your avatar in the “who’s online” section scroll across your name to the private message function. Click on it and there you go. Silly ain’t it, but give it a go. Hours of harmless fun talking to yourself!


Samurai Swords (more properly called “Katana” or Long Sword) are traditionally made by the master swordsmiths from the iron produced in one smelting of iron ore each year. The smelting is treated as a religious experience. A furnace is constructed and charcoal is lit to bring it up to the required temperature. When the temperature […]


Today a pallet turned up at the place I work. It was addressed to us, but no sender address or name of the sender was shown. No indication of contents. No delivery note to give a clue. So I cut the strapping and took the lid off. The pallet box was full of polystyrene chips. […]