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 Flesh Flashing

This is kind of a fun blog but I’m interested to know what others think.  Fashion is everything in some people’s world and especially so for the manufacturers of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and anything to do with the presentation of self. We the people must be convinced that to be happy, to be amongst the […]

 Embarrassing Moments Anyone?

We all have them, uncomfortable when they happen but usually we can laugh after the event. I’ve chosen a few from a lifetime of the odd mishaps and most I don’t remember in any detail now but I remember these.  One happened when I was a very young nurse, I was with the professor of […]

 Defence of self.

I and my neighbour are  amicably on opposite sides of a discussion which is in response to a news item in UK. Anyone who reads British newspapers will have read this yesterday they could not avoid the report. So those who read the British papers bare with me as I tell the story for those […]

 The Old Age Home?

This blog kind of follows on from LoneRogue’s last blog and some of the replies it inspired.  We all know that sometimes ‘the home’ is  perhaps the only answer. That said most people view the notion with distaste. Number one it is not ‘a home’, not your home. You will have to fit into an […]

 On being Careful

This is a fun blog, I had a friend sat in my kitchen and she was amused to see me cut open a tube of tomato paste to get the last bit. I told her I always cut tubes especially those plastic tubes, I get an extra week of toothpaste this way LOL! My friend […]


I do on occasion buy a lotto ticket or two and like everyone else I have a Friday night dream of, what it would be like to win millions. Yes I would make my own life a bit more comfortable, do a few nice things for my family and community. But there are millions  left […]


There seems to be a rash of people wishing to remove or destroy statues , mainly of historical figures who once were greatly revered but not so much now. Most recently in the USA but a few are under review in UK and I think Captain Cook is in danger in Australia. Have been in […]

 The Future?

In the paper this morning there is  a report that, researchers from Oxford and Yale  say: That artificial intelligence will out perform all by 50% within 45 years. They all so say that anyone in a job earning $20 per hour, is likely to have it taken over by robots in the next few years. […]

 UFOs and all that! 

I have noticed that recently some newspapers, noticeable a few UK ones are featuring a lot of stuff about UFOs and Aliens. Perhaps this is a subconscious reaction to troubling news world wide. I have a theory about UFOs that I offer for readers to kick about. Throughout human history all cultures across the world […]