What brings tears to your eye?

It is a strange response when you think about it, I stand to be corrected but I don't think any other animal does this in answer to some emotion. There are the universal triggers, the sad death of a loved one, pain,fear and all the way to doubled up crying with laughter. It is infective in the same way as yawning, see someone yawn, even read this word yawn and one is likely to yawn. See someone weeping and you to are likely to want to join them in weeping.   Then there are other things that  life experiences have conditioned   individuals to respond by tearing up. It is these that really interest me. Some are easy, most of us have some music that is forever tied to some emotion in our lives. ' Jerusalem' does it for me and goes back to my last day at school. All we senior girls who were leaving sat in the back of the school hall at assembly, trying to join in singing Jerusalem while soaking our hankies with tears. It  was the end of  childhood I suppose and start of a new life.  The wonderful music at the start of the film, Lawrence of Arabia. I first heard this  sat out in the open air,on the roof top of a hotel at a showing of this latest film. It was under the dome of an Arabian night sky awash with stars. That day I had learned I was pregnant with  my first son. So I hear those drums and I'm off. Brass bands!? I have no idea why but a great brass band  moves me. Reading of, or witnessing kindness brings the tears. Perfection......when something is done absolutely perfectly or is absolutely perfect. A view, a building, a painting, garden, a performance, art or athletic,this also brings a tear. Finally the sight of any sad animal, I have always lived with a pack of dogs, I'm pretty good at reading their faces so especially dogs.  Now  what triggers your quirky tears?

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  1. roseinbloom

    Thank you for a good blog close to all of us. I don’t cry often and most times it is from onion. I wear large glasses and it helps and I have heard that putting a toothpick in your mouth helps. I cry when something hits and emotion chord with me. I try not to go to movies that make me cry. I recently got into a conversation about dry eyes and tear ducts get clogged and it seems that keeping tear ducts flowing is a good idea. So, we may need to go to some sad movies or peel some onions to keep the tear ducts healthy, or you may need to do whatever you do that makes you cry.

  2. rose1943

    There are tears of joy and tears of sorrow, the best in life is a good balance with these emotions. At times, when there is too much sorrow, it is difficult to find tears of joy. I have a high tolerance for pain but a low tolerance for injustice and unfairness. My tears are coming quite a bit about the latter. It digs into my very soul and takes over. I’m sure many people feel the same as I do at this terrible time but maybe not as emotional about it. When this goes on and there’s not a darn thing a can do about it, it depresses me. Watching tv and finding someone to discuss it with is my only solace. Sorry for sounding so depressing but that’s all I could express in your log, Jane. Ithink I’m not alone.

  3. martyn1954

    There are a few things that make me shed tears, as has been said Joy, upset and for me depression. I just thought I was getting soft in my old age, but then was diagnosed with the old Black Dog, Depression.

  4. grandmaj

    Mistreatment of children, homeless people, children in hospital with in curable diseases. People who are suffering. To name just a few.

  5. seafoam

    Andrea Bochelli brings tears to my eyes. he is an opera singer and blind but his voice is beautiful.

  6. seafoam

    any compassion or tenderness from one person to another can also bring tears. life is so short. anyone that cherishes it is precious.