When visiting an ancient empty church a great cathedral,in Tania's visit to Belsen.  Even an ancient forest or grove of trees, perhaps an old battlefield, a decommissioned battleship.........what ever? We can feel something, even if at the time we are not aware of the history of the place. WE are likely to remark on our feelings.   So what are we feeling? Yes, when we visit some of these places we already have some knowledge which makes us think of history and what was experienced there. So we are primed to think of what has happened and put our selves in that history. To imagine what had been seen within that space. Not always however, I got  a very weird feeling on a tiny island once, great for birds but rocky, no water or shelter. Later I was told three shipwrecked men had died  there.  Did I feel their desperation from all those years ago? As sound can be converted and recorded on a tape or disc, is it possible intense human emotions somehow soak into the objects around?  Does anyone have examples?

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  1. waylander

    What you are referring to is something that has sometimes been called “the stone tapes”.
    The theory is that strong emotions, especially fear, anguish and pain produce some sort of “transmission” from the human brain that gets somehow recorded in the very stones of a building or the rocks of the location. It follows that for some reason some people are able to tune in and play back these recorded emotional emotions, hence the feelings sometimes felt in buildings and locations.
    I know some scoff at such ideas, but, having experienced the feeling myself, I am a firm believer in stone tapes.

  2. Rockflower Post author

    Well I’ll go with this idea, in fact, the older I get the more I’m inclined to believe, that the impossible is possible. Just because we humans cannot explain it does not necessarily mean it cannot be.

  3. starlette

    Hi Rock…..never heard it called Rock Stones but I have on more than one occasion experienced this… I will just tell you of one occasion…… sister was house hunting and had the keys to a house which was up for sale……her hubby was outside locking the car so we went in a ahead……we walked through the hall to the kitchen and stopped dead and looked at each other, we both had bad feelings about the house and went no further…..we were on the way back out as her hubby was just coming in……I have had other experiences but she was the kind of person who would poo poo such things…..not this time, she couldn’t wait to get out…….something bad had happened in that house…….who knows what…..