Anyone here remember TBD?

It was mid 2000’s I think and Myspace was still a thing.  Facebook was around too but not the global presence it is now.  Somewhere I came across an online ad for a site call TBD and I explored it.  It was a free forum, much like this site, but I think at that time it was a relatively “new” thing for mature folks to have a place to express themselves and make friends and such.  For a while, TBD was a huge part of my life.  Maybe because at the time, I had no life outside of that.  I was in my 40’s and recently broken up from a serious, although doomed, relationship, and didn’t get out much.  I found several people on that site that were easy to talk to and very welcoming, one of which I’m still close with today.  There were many groups there that remind me of this site’s groups, hence the reason for this blog.  I’m curious if anyone here was also on the now-defunct TBD.  

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  1. Like yourself prone ( super interesting screen name! ) I too have known chat services from way back, like the 90s I do not recall a TBD. Sorry wish I could have helped.

  2. I must admit I have never heard of TBD. I remember ICQ which sounds pretty much the same? MSN Groups is where I spent a lot of time, like-minded friends from all over the world.