Why don’t women tell men what they want in the bedroom ?

In my experiences with partners past and present , I've found a common thing with ladies they leave the love making to us men yet I read on a regular basis they are often dissatisfied. Is it too much to ask for some sex chatter in bed. ? I don't get many complaints but I like to improve performances. Any suggestions would be of interest.

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  1. starlette

    Haaaaa travel don’t hold your breath for any suggestions……..I think maybe the younger generation of women would have no problem with taking the initiative and giving you instructions ermm……… but we women of a certain age are more demure and polite, we like to let you think you know what you are doing and are pressing the right buttons, we are considerate like that and wouldn’t want to cause any upset, maybe you could tune your ear in and if you hear moaning, Ooos, Ahhhs and Yesssssss baby, then I would say you are doing ok……lol xx

    1. Judeee

      Your stance in your photo gives off arrogant vibes. At your age you should have learnt what make a woman tic or are you a lazy lover?

  2. teddyted1

    She wanted the man to tell him in the bedroom, I did it for her, it was lovely wallpaper and a great shade of paint, even if I did my self. lol

  3. cefnrider

    if at your age you dont know, i would go to bed with a good book lolol When 2 people are in bed then both parties learn what the other one likes without the need for the kama sutra. I can assure you most ladies if they dont like what your doing will certainly tell you lol its called touch and exploration and listenting to the oohs and aahhhs and if you cant do that you aint got much future

  4. blinker1

    I think every woman wants something different as does every man. My suggestion would be watch the box set of Sex and the City. That’s pretty much all they talk about. xxx

  5. vonMichael

    Yes I have to agree with Star, women of a certain age are more demure but polite??

    Talks in the bedroom kills any romantic atmosphere definitely. Lead and follow, this
    concept should prevail. If the Tango is danced no word will be spoken!!! Oooos, Ahhhs and Yeeeeeesssss are tunes of the experienced housewives in the kitchen while cooking a delicious meal.

    No if sounds ( tunes ) ( words ) are nessesary then please in a romantic language like
    the Polynesian, Aloha, aloha, aloha sounds much, much nicer than Ooooooooooooooooooos, don’t you think so? Or even better; kaikua, kaikua, kaikua in combination with hele ma, hele ma or maika, maika whispered in a charming sound will enchant the room to a place somewhere in the South Sea.

    For the less experienced partner the Russian language could do also but not as nice.
    Da, da, da or tak, tak, tak are sounds only beginners could do with.

    But the American way of love doesn’t seem to be very romantic too. The night is short
    so let’s come to the point, straight will kill any romantic feeling in a minute.

    So as I’ve mentioned it before in an another context ( cooking ) creativity and
    fantasy should replace words. Just my imagination.

  6. nmod

    kaikua, kaikua, kaikua , hele ma, hele ma …ooh aah… Maika ,Maika ! Hahaha
    Now ,Michael could you tell me what I’m saying ?
    I hope it isn’t rude ! Lol lol

    1. lani36

      kaiku is the name of my great uncles coffee plantation in Hawaii , just saying he would think you were asking for a cup of coffee if you said that ha ha ….
      by the way i,m back ha ha xxxxx

  7. mez1650

    i like a man thats good at 4 things1/ he doesnt hog the duvet 2/he doesnt snore..3/he doesnt pass wind 4/ and the most important one ..he understands when i say NO..i mean NO.. 🙂 hope this helps.hahahah

  8. teddyted1

    hey Mez what happens when men says no, do the women nags her forever until he say yes. lol