Where did you go?

Every time I log into Seniorchatters, I wonder, where do people go?
My routine usually consists of:
1- I glance at the chatroom, then scroll down to the blog area.
2- If nothing catches my eye, I go to groups. I have 2 groups and have joined 2 others. I'll look for notifications if anything is active in my groups.
3- Then it's back to the home page to look at the infobox.
4- If nobody is in chatrooms I'll go to Shout and just browse.
5- Then I tend to my 2 groups, which being music, I entertain myself while searching for new songs to add. I keep track of every song so that I don't add duplicates that I have on my Youtube channel.
6- On some occasions I might venture into chat.
7- I almost always forget about birthdays. I had mentioned many years ago that it should be on the home page for everyone to see. I thought that at our ages, it's a milestone worth mentioning at every occasion.
8- Lastly is private chat, which is a bit out of my comfort zone.
Where do you go? Have I forgotten places to check?

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  1. darkfarmowl

    A typical session here for me would be: I glance at the chatroom (but rarely use it) then I look to see if there are any recently posted blogs, if there are I read them, if not I will read the latest comments on previous blogs – sometimes I will chip in. I sometimes look at the groups I am a member of, though not as often as I should. I never look at the shout page because i don’t really understand what it does. If I have any friends here I might private chat for a while and, out of curiosity, I will always see who has recently joined.

    1. Drummer

      “Morning Owl
      You are expressing exactly what I feel and indeed trying to say for some time – I’m not really much aware about Chatroom activities as I have only been there once. Really I am more interested in the odd Blog but even these seem to be drying up – a shame but short of a really good kick up the pants it seems we will continue on the way we are going – towards the exit!~
      Kind regards Drummer

      1. darkfarmowl

        Hello Drummer, I trust you are well.
        I think the site ebbs and flows to some extent – this is probably just a period of quiet. I must admit I am not as frequent a visitor as I used to be but that’s more a reflection on my external life being busier rather than a loss of interest about SC. So long as people contribute, however infrequently, then the site will survive. I’m not planning on an exit just yet 🙂

  2. soozanna

    I ask myself the same question, “where is everyone?” I joined several groups, and try to contribute as much possible. Some of them list 50 – 100 plus members but it is the same few that are active. However, I do look into other groups that I have some interest in, and enjoy what others have to say as well as what is going on in “their neck of the woods.” Maybe I should join more groups!
    Sometimes I just don’t feel like chatting, but I always like to see who is. Like darkfarmowl, I don’t understand the shout page, or where the shouts are even located..
    All in all SC keeps me occupied. I’m always looking for new things to contribute and hopefully entertain or amuse the other members.

  3. goldengirl1224

    Me too – I am beginning to wonder if we have been ‘abandoned’ LOL! It seems so quiet on all the sites – even as you note the ‘home page comments’ and Shout. There seems little input on many of the group pages that I visit as well. Perhaps people are on vacation??

  4. PamfromTX

    1) First thing I do when I get to this site is check out the ‘Activity’ and will usually click the like button on as many as I have time to.

    2) I check out the latest news in “Shout”. To some of us, Shout is a means of connecting with one another.

    3) I check any notifications I may have.

    4) I’ll post in my groups and reply if applicable.

    5) Hmmmmmmm, I always check birthdays to see if there is anyone I may ‘know’ that is having a birthday.

    6) I’ll read the home page comments.

    All in all… I have never found this site ~ boring, but rather quite therapeutic when I contribute. I can’t help and wonder myself why so many members don’t contribute.

  5. goldengirl1224

    Totally agree with your comments, Pam. There is always something to look into and enjoy by exploring the variety of sites – and also contributing to them. Even if at times, such as recently, there seems to be a ‘lull’ in the level of activity. Guess the old saying — ‘You get out – what you put in’ rings true.
    Personally, I very rarely join the Chat Room – but on the few occasion that I have the group have been welcoming. Different strokes for different folks as they say — whoever ‘they’ may be LOL.

  6. janey1

    I like to read the blogs and then go to the groups. I have never felt welcome in the chat room so I don’t go there ,this happened a few years ago ,maybe it’s not the same now ,but still won’t go to the chat room .

  7. Stones345

    I’ve only been in the chat room once. Everyone was pleasant. I still don’t quite understand the private chat list and why only some people are listed there when there are many more others active on the site at that time according to the “look who’s online now” place on the front page. And just curious as the intro area says you have to be friends with someone before you private chat with them but I’ve spoken to many people in private chat that I am not friends with. Still trying to figure this out… but love the site !!