~What is Your Christmas Memory?

What is your Christmas memory? .......
During this very special holiday season, with the sights and sounds and smells of Christmas in the air, I paused to reflect on Christmas' past. There are a few when I was very young, that stand out in my memory and I'll treasure those forever. I thought this would be a nice opportunity for anyone who would like to share some of your Christmas memories, to do so. It can be a very favorite one...or, just the feelings of what Christmas brings to you, the gathering of family? The wonderful aromas of Christmas cookies baking? ...Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas. ...Also, let's think about neighbors or others in our communities who may be alone this Christmas. Purchased gifts are not always necessary. Many would be happy just to know someone cares enough to call them or stop by to visit.
~ I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you here on Senior Chatters a beautiful, joyful holiday season. xx Katelin

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  1. blinker1

    I’ve just been wrapping my presents before reading this.
    I love christmas for the camaraderie. I have two friends who live alone so they get invited for dinner.
    This year has been especially bad for family and friend deaths. My sister-in-law died in april. She was married to my husbands brother and even though they divorced some years ago they remained friends and he stayed with her at christmas.
    It only occured to me last week that he would be on his own so we’ll set an extra place and make him welcome.
    Now I have to cook dinner for four grumpy old men. Better keep the big spoon in my hand for rattling knuckles in case of boring conversations.
    Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. katelin Post author

      How nice that you invite your friends and family to dinner, Blinker. I’m sure they look forward to that.. what a lovely gift for them. I’m sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. It’s especially important that your husband’s brother spends this Christmas with you. Merry Christmas, Blinker.

  2. starlette

    Blinker invite me for Christmas dinner……….then I could sit and chat to you while you cooked it………….would hate for you to bored with men’s talk…xx

    1. blinker1

      It sounds lovely star…………… but I hate people in the kitchen when i’m cooking, because its only small. Besides you would be chatting all the men up and swilling the ale with them. That settles it. You must come for dinner and keep them occupied while I cook. Then as a treat I will let you wash up. ha ha ha ha ha!
      Merry christmas babe. xxxxx

      1. starlette

        Me wash up…….nooooooo………..I will procure the men into doing that……….and then we will continue the chat and the swilling of the ale. Tee Hee. And a very merry Christmas to you sweetie.xxxx

        1. flowersun

          Oooooh,sounds like fun,star,are they just going to be wearing aprons,lol,xxxxxx……can I watch them washing up,lol.

  3. bethany

    my best Christmas memory is when I was 10 and i stayed with my grandparents on there farm in Iowa and my grandmother taught my how to bake and knit gifts for my cousins. decorating the tree was always fun because she like to do things old fashioned way like string popcorn and cranberry garland. made things extra special, many fun memories.

  4. shadow

    I wish i could share a childhood christmas memory with you katelin ,but alas i cant! I have made up for it since though 😀 i go to my son’s house and have load’s of laughs with my beloved Grandboys that has made up for all the Christmas’s i never knew as a child. I wouldn’t swap that for anything. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your’s katelin, and all the Admin, Rob, and Senior Chatter’s who make S/C a terrific site. 😀 x

    1. katelin Post author

      How nice that you spend the holiday with your grandsons, Shads. It’s nice that we can experience a childhood Christmas again through the eyes of the children in our lives. ..Thank you for the wishes, dear friend.. and I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, as well. x

  5. jcb1

    I like Christmas except for the christmas shopping before the big day that my wife makes me do hee hee! i like the cards from friends and family and the decorations and yes i even like having to put up the lights outside! after complaining about it hee hee!

    1. katelin Post author

      🙂 I’m sure you do a fab job on the Christmas lights, jcb! ..Enjoy the holiday with your family, my dear friend.

  6. missellie

    christmas eve at my grandmother’s, every flat surface covered with her homemade ravioli’s which she had spent the day preparing, seemed like there were hundreds of them, lol. Now my daughters, sisters and I get together and make them, but being more modern, we make them ahead of time and freeze them.
    Still delicious and still great fun being together!

  7. katelin Post author

    What a sweet memory and wonderful tradition you’re carrying over for your daughters. Such fun!! Thanks for sharing this with us, El. xx