Hi Chatters. It's been a while since I have been able to be active here on Senior Chatters so I though I would take a few minutes to say hello and give an update on what's been going on in my little corner of the world.

As some of you know, in February I had cataract surgery. At last! I was going to be able to see again! WRONG! A week after my surgery, I had a little altercation with a table saw while helping my sister remodel her bathroom. The table saw won, taking the end of my left thumb as a trophy. Besides being part of a thumb shorter, the incident cause my blood pressure to spike, thereby causing serious complications with my eye causing it to swell and diminish the vision instead of the improvement I was so hoping for.

In April, I decided to go back to work which has turned out to be a good decision. Then in June, I finally got the ok to have catarat surgery on the other eye. Unfortunately, my blood pressure again became a factor in complications with this eye as well when on June 18th my home was destroyed by a house fire. We spent 2 weeks in a hotel with our 4 dogs, an adventure that rivals any Disney ride in the excitement factor. The insurance company found us a lovely rental home where we have been comfortable while waiting for our house to be rebuilt/remodled.

Then in July, my 19 year old grandson, who lives with us, borrowed my car to run some errands for my brother, who does not drive. On my way to work that day, I received a phone call that he had been broadsided by a Hummer and while he and brother were ok, my poor Toyota received fatal injuries.

At this point I was tempted to ask "What else can happen?" .......... A word of advice..........NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION AS YOU WILL SOON GET THE ANSWER!

In August I got a phone call informing me that my brother, who lives about 6 hours away, was involved in an industrial accident. While attempting to repair a minor problem with an overhead crane, 40 feet in the air above the work site, he mistakenly put his foot down on the next track just as that crane was approaching, severing his right foot. He was rushed to the hospital where his foot was reattached, but after 4 surgeries and constant pain beyond measure, he has made the decision to have the foot removed so he can begin the healing process, in stead of enduring many more surgeries, a lifetime of pain and still having a useless foot. This surgery is scheduled for a week from tomorrow. Good thoughts and prayers are welcomed.

On last Friday my sister had surgery to remove a large basal cell carcinoma which was discovered at her one year checkup from having a melanoma removed from her face.

During this roller coaster ride of a life, I have managed to continue working, only missing 4 days at the time of the fire, travelled back and forth to Tupelo, Mississippi to take Mom back and forth to help with my brother's care, managed the rebuilding of my house and purchasing the new furnishing and appliances, and helped take care of my sister during her surgery and recovery.

I have just been given the word that we will possibly be able to move back into our home on November 1st so things are looking up!

I have missed being here on Senior Chatters, having only been able to check in occasionally, but hopefully after moving back into my house, I will be back. I know there are so many new members whom I have yet to meet and I look forward to catching up with all my old friends as well. I have tried to keep up with all the changes on the site but I can't wait to actually dive back in full force. (Party Room get ready!)

Many thanks to those of you who have contacted me with words of encouragement and for all the prayers that have gone up in my behalf. They are greatly appreciated.


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  1. millie

    Happy to see you back, MJ.. So sorry to hear about all of the health problems, accidents, pitfalls and the like, but admire your attitude and resolve. Seems you’re able to focus on the good and you have some of the most important things you need to make it thru, faith, hope, strength, etc.. The site is undergoing some renovations as well, so maybe you can help w/ them.. lol Welcome back 😛

  2. jsmile

    Welcome back MJ. You’re in your way to better days. Sorry to hear of the challenges. Hopefully it’s all behind you now. Glad to see you made it over the rough stuff. God’s hand is on his children.:)

  3. Lina

    Wow – you have been busy!!! My admiration for keeping on keeping on so to speak…it can be hard sometimes. Hopefully things will be a LOT better next year! It’s good to see you back and I know your many friends will be delighted to know you are still with us…I promise, I will never ask “can things get any worse??”… take care and I do hope you get into your “new’ home soon…((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) Lina xxx

    1. merryjay Post author

      Thanks Lina. As far as “keeping on keeping on”. What other choice do we have? LOL All things considered, Life is Good!

  4. PollyPie

    Glad to see you back MJ and pleased the year is nearly over for you. 😉

    Now, where do I start on what you have missed ……

    Hope you had a great Groundhog Day 🙂

    Wishing you love on Valentines day 🙂

    Hope you hugged a tree on Earth Day 🙂

    *~* HaPpY 4th JuLy *~*

    Happy Arbor Day, and hope you planted a beautiful tree 🙂

    * Happy Mothers Day * 🙂

    Happy Flag Waving Day 🙂

    what have I missed….. Oh yeah….

    *~*~* HaPpY BiRtHdAy MJ *~*~*

  5. precyxoxo

    Dear merryjay, I was away so long too..been so busy with family and work. My thoughts are with you after reading your ” what a year”…I had a similar scenario, smaller version though. The year is not long to go…80 days more or less to Christmas. Hopefully we will have a better year? Take care and take it easy? Keep safe.