My favorite perk at age 60 means never having to answer the question WHY anymore.

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  1. Linda

    I like that one. Can you stop because you don’t know the answer, they think you don’t know the answer, they don’t like your answer or you can’t hear the question in the first place?

    1. leafofgold

      The only time I have to explain myself is in a court of law. Besides it’s the one way to shut someone up who’s wasting my precious time.

  2. helensophie

    I love it! Cant wait…19th months to go! My 14 yr old granddaughter has a saying that drives me nuts, “because I can.” This will be perfect, when she asks me, “why nana?,” I will simply say, “because I can!.” lol

    1. leafofgold

      I told my granddaughter my name is not WHY GRANDMA. or GIVE ME GRANDMA. They now address me as YOUR MAJESTY!!!!

        1. leafofgold

          Yeah, I noticed that about you too!!! I find it absolutely amazing that certain people can ridicule some one and still appear polite. Just remember whenever you point a finger at some one else you have three pointing back. Warning do not cross the line with me.I’m not as nice as I appear HAHAHAHA lolololol

        2. leafofgold

          And I suppose it’s your aspiration to be a Psychiatrist that has you making cruel and offhand remarks about me. If you don’t agree just walk on by. Insulting a fellow member leaves your reputation hanging in the wind. Not me!!!..

    2. leafofgold

      Yeah I’m a smart ass New Yorker and I waited 20 years for the opportunity to flush the toilet while my beautiful daughter was taking a hot shower!!! The reaction was worth the wait!!! And you know what I’d do it again!!!!!!!

        1. leafofgold

          There’s a sense of freedom when you make what appears a small decision, not to do what is expected Thanks for not judging me.

      1. leafofgold

        Concisely put!! Torturing teenagers is my favorite sport. What else are they good for. If they choose the wrong path they become open season for sarcasm. Don’t condemn me JUDGE JUDY makes millions doing it.

  3. lani36

    the phrase i hate is ( :where have you been?) when I have been as busy as a beaver doing work for them., the mystery people in this family that can do nothing for themselves . ha ha

  4. leafofgold

    In 1993 I went on strike at home. No laundry, no cooking, no feeding the dog etc. etc. I brought my family to their knees. The after glow lasted 3 days and then it was business as usual. My husband said at the time it was no big deal he’d just bring his new wife to my funeral.