Time Zones

The home page has a time zone section which is a very handy bit of information. It would be a good idea to check it before entering chat. Some people are waking up and others have had several rounds and are slurring their type.
However, there seems to be some mistakes in the time zone information. The USA has four, not three, time zones and we are on daylight saving time now and so is the UK. The Australian time zones look strange with 30 minutes between one and two hours between another. Enough information is given to relate in a meaningful way. I now understand why the "ozzies' just say g'day and so do I, sometimes.
Some people have world clocks, but in the USA few people do, but now that I am on an international chat, I thought i needed one, but I can get by with the handy little info section on the home SC home page.

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  1. lani36

    i,m guilty of that Bloom, i get tired and get my metaphores and everything else mixed up, see i can,t leave you guys , ha ha ha xxx.