The Secret recipe of making the Indian masala tea [with malai]

The Secret recipe of making the Indian masala tea [with malai]

Boil the water in a pot. Add the tea leaves (a mix of Green tea + strong black tea), along with a mix of dry whole spices (you could crush them afresh at the time of preparing the tea.
I never use the crushed readymade spices as for as possible for obvious reasons.
Add the spices and continue to heat.
Boil the mix for about 5 minutes. You would have to keep stirring the mixture. Finally add milk. (Which is boiled separately before it is added).
Let the quantity of milk be as per your liking.
There are many varieties of spices, which are used. Combinations are made usually depending on the taste the individual likes.
I prefer fresh and crushed ginger + freshly crushed cinnamon+ cardamom in little quantity each.
I personally love to add what is called as thick layer of malai (a spoonful ) to the tea when it is ready to be taken (sipped slowly and not drunk).
It is the creamy layer which gets precipitated on the whole fat milk after it is boiled and set aside to cool.
This is how my late grandmother used to prepare her tea. Although she used to add malai only to the cups of her favorite grandkids, I included.
So, try the secret recipe of love and send me a steaming cup through the internet wires, please!
Give it a try ,say if you liked it,(or even if not !)

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  1. roseinbloom

    Abhilaaj, It sounds wonderful and I don’t have a clue about malai, and I also don’t know how much spices to use. I also do not know how much water or tea,
    It would not be possible for me to make tea without the amounts to use. I am sure you make wonderful tea in India.

  2. lani36

    Sounds delicious , from one who drinks teas, and tisanes… especially green tea. an advocate of it’s calming qualities…. ty ….Lani…

  3. Abhilaaj Post author

    Rose, we adore taking tea. Will send u a recipe with quantities also, wait for a while please. U will get addicted to it too !
    Actually, I find green tea very light hence the mixture with black.
    Thanks both of you.

  4. roshario

    I didn’t like the tea in India to sweet (chi) I mean …my recipe boil the kettle warm the teapot 2 teabags (yorkshire T of course) add boiling water let it mash 4 min pour T into china T cups ….drink tea lol

  5. Abhilaaj Post author

    Never mind, take your time and take care of your health too roshario mam !
    I earlier knew that the acquaintances at the level of soul could be transmitted wirelessly, telepathically. Now I believe in it.
    The recipe given by me may not need any sugar. Add little more of Cinnamon and Cardamom. These will make it sweeter.
    Avoid aspartame like sugar- free too !
    There is a saying regarding the vices a man has and the side effects of certain edibles like aspartame and sugar though ,in Hindi.
    Hope you like it, ” Even if I do not drink, I will die one day. Why not drink a little and die ! “