The journey 

Once upon a Christmas time

So many years ago

Two people and a donkey

Were toiling trough the snow

They’d traveled many miles that day

On that journey long ago

They all were oh so weary 

But still had far to go

As the donkey plodded onwards 

Mary raised her tired head

She smiled gently at her husband

Please Joseph find us both a bed

Another mile they travelled

Then an Inn came into site

We’ll tarry here now Mary

Our journey over for the night

The Inn was very crowded

No space was to be found

A stable was the only place

Where Mary could lay down

And so it came to pass my friends

On that night so long ago 

A very precious child was born

And his legend never ends

So as we celebrate his birth

Among those we hold so dear

We always will remember 

And breathe a grateful prayer.


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