Terrorist Mk 2

What is it with me and dogs? Why do I always get the lunatics?

Take the latest little monster, Jack. Jack Russell/Cocker Spaniel cross. White and grey like a lot of Jack Russell's, but soft fur like a spaniel......and the lunacy and energy of both breeds.

I came across Jack on a dog rescue website just before Christmas. I contacted them and woosh! Phone call (interrogation time) & home check one day. Went to see him next day. Third day he was delivered to me.

That was when the problems started. I discovered that the poor lad was scared witless of men especially smokers (which I was at the time). More phone calls and finally I got his full story. He was dumped at the rescue centre because he nipped a 4 year old who was allowed to try hauling him out from under a table by his tail. He was then beaten and, as I've said, dumped at the rescue centre.

The first couple of weeks was a bit of a trial. Trying to get him to trust me, but, as smell is the greatest memory trigger, that didn't go too well. I noticed he was OK with my sons after about half a day, but not me. Then I realised. It was the smoke.

So decision time. Do I let him go to a non smoking home where he wouldn't always be frightened or do I give up smoking myself?

By that stage (3 weeks into our relationship) the little devil had wormed his way into my affections, so that question didn't enter into it and I was down at the stop smoking clinic the next day.

I've tried to give up many times and failed miserably. This time I've been 3 weeks without a smoke, Jack's now willing to play, sit on my lap, come when I call him.

Seems all I needed to give up was the right incentive.

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  1. starlette

    Well done you for giving up the evil weed, so terrorist was meant to be with you for more than one reason, show you the error of your ways…lol ……..and how many poor dogs and cats are abandoned because of the very reason Terrorist was…..when will people understand that animals are not toys for children to pull about……..the combination of the Jack Russell and the Spaniel cross…..ermm…… you will be in for some lively times……….keep you on your toes he will……..

  2. jenna

    Way, that little mutt wormed his way into your heart. It’s wonderful that you thought so much of him to give up the cigs. He was meant to be yours

  3. kiwigirl

    I knew you could do it. I am very proud of you. That’s a lot of years of the same habit to break. And despite the fact you say you have help from patches etc, it still comes down to plain old will power :).

  4. Maize

    That’s great Way…..I was wondering how Jack the Lad was settling with you? So pleased for both of you,and so glad you’ve kicked the smokes!

  5. foreveryoung2

    So wonderful Way you have rescued a dog who needed a good forever home and you have stopped smoking – two great events!! Good onya mate !!
    I have had my rescue dog, a Foxey female, for 12 months now and she has rescued me as well. I wish you and Jack a lifelong friendship with lots of cuddles xoxo

  6. lani36

    Well done way to rescue a a little dog , and also to give up smoking for him as well, I wish you luck with that not easy, plenty of walkies with jack will take your mind of the ciggies…. x