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Dear Roseinbloom,
You are not alone: As an introduction let me say that I have used a computer since the days when one occupied a large room, heated up a block of offices and had a few hundred bytes of memory made up of ferrite cores. At first there were great improvements: punched cards and punched tape replaced the patch board. In the sixties and seventies I made the acquaintance of transistors and designed and built myself a computer with an 8080 micro-processor: These were all technological improvements.
Since then I have had to wrestle with “software improvements”. It seems to me that the age old dictum “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is unknown to the software programming fraternity.
I now have a collection of CAD programs that cost me several hundred pounds sterling that cannot be used with Windows 8.1 and I am not going to replace them as Windows 8.1 is already to be superseded in October by Windows 10.
Furthermore, with Windows 8.I can do nothing more than could be done with Windows 2000 which had a fine Maths Editor that I regret.
Perhaps I can be forgiven for suspecting that these so-called improvements have ulterior motives because they have brought little benefit to me.

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  1. davidrv

    Hi rodger, have you ever tried running your programs in compatibility mode?
    Right click your program
    Go to Properties
    Choose Compatibility tab
    Choose as far back as Windows95.

    1. rodger Post author

      Thank you davidrv. I have meanwhile replaced most of my old programs with new so the problem has been solved the easy way but not the cheapest. However, I still have the old discs so I will try your suggestion. I appreciate your help

  2. vonMichael

    Hi Rodger,

    you could try to ubdate your old software so that it wil be compatible with WIN 8.1

    Any old software runs to slow for modern programs. It’s also very useful to use a
    modern 64bit system. 16 / 32 bit are to slow. Michael

    1. rodger Post author

      Thank you vonMichael. Your suggestion has been acted upon. Please read my reply to davidrv. Incidentally, my machine is has a 64 bit system. I appreciate your help.

  3. roseinbloom

    Rodger. You make me feel better. I will not invest in a lot of software. I am resigning myself to just hang in and grab as much joy from these devices as possible. I am now using my pedometer and very happy with that. I can google and take a pic and send it by email. Soon I will buzzing around happily I hope.It IS very nerve racking, but I am gaining confidence and learning how to acclimate myself to CHANGES from the phone as I learn. I have to become better in time.
    I did write blogs to share and encourage others and to learn from others. /thank you. I value your opinion.