Tea and how to serve it

When making tea I pour the tea into the cup first and then put the milk in last. I do that so I can judge how much milk to put in.
I've read that some people suggest that the milk should be put in first, because adding milk to very hot tea can damage the milk and tainting its flavour.
Who is right?

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  1. bathchairdave

    I hope this is not an altzeimer question, because if it is you didn’t catch me out (yet – lol).
    Scientific thinking needed here:
    The question at hand is damage, or in fact change, made to milk upon it’s introduction to a tea infusion at lets say 180-190F ( I refuse to diversify as to brewing temperatures).
    Tea added to a cold teacup will cool further before milk can be added, whereas the introduction of tea directly into the pre-poured milk in the cup will of course produce a higher milk temperature.
    Simple dear Watson
    Oh what we brits love our tea – lol

  2. roseinbloom

    I am American and I don’t drink milk in tea. If did, I would think you would make your choice of preference based on your loooooooooooooog experience. I drink coffee and It does not matter. I do like a pretty china mug and keep several. I just never want to drink coffee in an ugly cup.

  3. lani36

    ok folks some boring tea trivia , my mom always the English lady, always heated the teapot or the teacup first , then poured the tea close to the cup,’ never far away ‘ from the cup,he used to say to me , her habitual excersizes in teaching me proper English tea pouring to me was hilarious…. but to her extermely serious business….
    Always the tea , then the milk if one took milk , then the sugar lumps, always sugar lumps , with little tongs.. which I loved so much I would put 4 or 5 because i liked playing with the little tongs…..
    small lemon wedges ona side dish , for yhose thatpartook of black tea…. another little pair of tongs.. Yia Yia my greekmother used to throw her apron over her head in disgust at this mroning tea ritual… and Moms answer to that was ,Helena will go to England one day andshe needs to know the proper way to make and pour a cup of tea ,,,, ha ah ah ah those were the days nowits a tea bag in a cup and no tongs ha ha

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