I have been around the net since the beginning, and l have been on a lot of dating sites and social sites.  The one thing l have learnt is how to spot a wrong one, l can immediately tell when a profile is not from the place they claim it is.  I know when someone is shall we say reading from a script, and l can tell you exactly how they operate and what each step will be taken and how they will gain your trust and confidence to try and extort money from you.

Now l am pretty damn sure that one profile here is definitely using fake pics ect and l have reported my suspicions but do l warn other females?  Or do l leave that element of doubt and let them find out for themselves?

See l have over the years had this approach made on average once a week so l am pretty confident that it is a wrong one....

Question is do we warn each other or keep our suspicions to ourselves

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  1. Scorpio

    I take your point ladybabe but if you point the finger, as it were,on an open forum and you’re mistaken you will only create animosity. It’s difficult to know what to do for the best. As you have made your concerns known I’d now let sleeping dogs lie I think.

    1. CSweet51

      I have to agree with scorpio. This isn’t a dating site anyway which is the reason I am on here. Spent my time on a few of those and gave up… Too many scammers lol!!

  2. roseinbloom

    Ernie, you have a good solution. I will remember that. Ladybabe, you can report your suspicions to management, You can also tell an individual your concerns, but as they say it is not good to go public.
    Sometimes scammers that I suspect are gone before I can get anything solid enough to report, but if I am suspicious, I just ignore them. I heard they can get your information if you are in communication with them.
    If I feel unsure, I don’t take chances. I just stay away from them. If there is something to report, I report it ASAP.

  3. waylander

    Always handy to have a reminder from time to time. Although the clear out rate for scammers on this site has always been good it’s down to each of us to look after ourselves.

  4. goldengirl1224

    My response is – and always has been – assess the situation and if you feel uncomfortable ‘don’t touch it’ — and if you think it is a serious scammer report to the Admins – but as others have noted – do not go public with your ‘suspicions’ no matter how strong you feel they are. There are lots of these types out there on this and other sites – even those that sneak unwanted into our email sites!!! Stay alert.

  5. ladybabe2 Post author

    reported my concerns as we ladies know we get them at an alarming rate regardless of what site. They seem to have a check list when it comes to who they think they can con and for some reason ladies of my generation are top of the list its the same when you go on holiday to certain countries we are like cat nip to those who want to rip us off…

  6. bathchairdave

    Seems to me many have missed your point Ladybabe- however – I’m a fool.
    There are swine in chat.They progress – chat – to chat , damaging (mainly woman as they go). I have seen at least one horror – moving from chat room to chat room. Meeting woman!!! – his typing gives him away – so I hounded him ad infinitum. – I’m sure he figured how I sussed him by his typing and changed it.
    I really saw your point!!

  7. katelin

    Please NOTE ~~ If any member has suspicions or complaints about another member, please send your report through the “Scammer Watch” link, located on the Home page. This report is sent immediately to all Admins and one of us will respond and investigate. ..In addition, if you need assistance of any kind, you can also contact Administrators, by going to the Home page and clicking on the “Meet the Team” link, click on one of our names, and send us a private message. All of us Admins do our best to promptly check all Newbies who enter, and promptly remove those who are here putting up fake information, here to scam, or are underage. As much as we try to very frequently pop into the site throughout the day and night, there are times when we cannot be present on site every single minute of the day/night, so it is sometimes very helpful when our members are alerting us to issues as soon as they appear. Now, in response to a portion of this blog which mentions there is a member of concern, please let us Admins know who this person is, privately through the routes mentioned above. We thank you for assistance in being aware and helping to keep this the friendly, safe site that it is known for. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we will respond and handle things as soon as we possibly can.
    Thank you. 🙂 Katelin, Admin Team

    1. len1932

      This is a site for Seniors to Chat and have fun with seniors from all over the world. As a man I have been asked if I will contact a woman so and so who wants to have email relations. I immediately told her NO NO and took her off my friend list. My wife who watches TV all the time says Senior Chat is fine and I agree to stay chat only with this wonderful way to reach Seniors around the world. I would recommend it to all my friends.

  8. Rockflower

    Like most people I’d like to think I would not be sucked in however I do realize I’m as likely to be tricked as the next person. If anyone thinks this is happening to me you can let me know LOL. I ‘m testing this site because it is not a dating site. I’m glad to see men here because I do think of men as fellow humans and like to exchange views with males and females. Anything more I’m not interested and appreciate talking to guys with out any such tensions. Ladybabe 2 thanks for warning us to be on guard I appreciate that. I think as others have expressed here, you have warned management and us without any direct accusations that is good.

  9. starlette

    Well I for one am absolutely sick to death of men saying hello in my box who are looking for relationships, I do the normal pleasant chit chat, giving my time when I don’t really want to chat anyway…..explain how the site works…….next…… we go…how old are you…..are you in a relationship…….do you use Skype…….I then tell them this isn’t a dating site…they go without even saying kiss my arse or whatever…….one earlier and he is still in now chatting……what a waste of space…….fuming…….rant over….and I hope he reads this comment

  10. Twilight

    I sure hope this is not the case on this site…I’ve never been on anything like this unless you count Facebook..which is a very good thing to me…i thought it would be fun just to chat and visit w people from other countries…hear about life in their world..I’d love to travel more but even when we do we don’t usually have a chance to really get to know people …we are usually on a tour or cruise.

  11. len1932

    I enjoy the Senior Chat and talking to people from all over the world. When a woman chatter said let us go the internet so we can really talk on a personal manner I said NO NO I am married and my wife watches often the chat conversations and i do not need any trouble. She watches TV and I am on the Chat

    1. Tommy H

      Yes sure there are lots of ladies after me on here but they just don’t know how to ask xx I’m not keen on these fake pic of members either. Can someone point me in the general direction of a dating site.